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From Twitter 07-08-2010

  • 00:01:23: So LBJ is supposedly doing his announcement from Greenwich CT, in the home of Allan Houston... is it too early to have an erection? #knicks
  • 00:14:11: This little vacation I've had? It's ending with a splat. Dragon Quest IX (US), NCAA Football '11 and Fire Emblem all drop NEXT WEEK.
  • 00:49:31: LeBron has been reported as going to almost every team in the le-- wait, @Chris_Broussard is saying Miami? That's ballgame.
  • 00:59:32: Playstation Network Wrap-Up for July 6th, 2010: Late, late, LATE update this week, but that’s what happens when yo... http://bit.ly/dcKNXz
  • 01:07:13: All of my friends are going to hate me for what I said about Persona 3 in my PSP piece. XD
  • 01:19:11: So, Microsoft... I can't even play the Blacklight demo without having to be Gold? Fuck you, and take your wrap-up with you.
  • 12:57:38: RT @Jim_Sterling Oh look, Dragon Quest IX. Looks like I am to be saved from mediocrity this day! (Same here. My week just got awesome)
  • 13:26:47: RT @BreakingNews Iran says woman convicted of adultery won't be executed by stoning (Well then! Iran is fully civilized now! It's settled!)
  • 13:43:58: I'm not saying I'm judging, all I'm saying is that everyone at ESPN responsible for this Lebron debacle should commit ritual suicide.
  • 14:15:53: Where is Le Anne Schreiber when we need her!? #espn #lebron #ritualsuicide
  • 14:24:21: You know what? As a Knicks fan, if we don't get him, I hope 'Bron goes with Miami. You know why? Because they won't win. Yeah, I said it.
  • 14:39:46: RT @TheRealBell: RT @jarsenault: "Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right..." http://tum ...
  • 15:13:17: I've got to ref in a breadbox every day for the next 8 days. Yeah, time to relax with #personaoclock
  • 15:30:07: What I WANT LeBron to do: either pick the Knicks, or do what @therivalry said on FB: say he hasn't come to a decision, then laugh with Favre
  • 15:30:37: What I THINK LeBron will do: back to Cleveland. This whole past week has been about misdirection. I swear he's pulling a Peyton Manning.
  • 16:01:41: Lost in the LeBron mess: if he signs with Miami, Stephen A. Smith is a genius. If not, he's an assclown. No in-between.
  • 17:03:29: RT @raywashere SWISH WINS!! (Because the ASG wasn't a big enough joke yet. I don't even like Youk, and he should be going)
  • 17:14:16: RT @OldHossRadbourn: N. Swisher's an All-Star! Good job, Yankees fans. You've successfully kept a better bat out of the game that gets y ...
  • 17:47:06: No! One of our guys was in that USCG helicopter crash... http://bit.ly/bfhBjW
  • 22:22:51: LeBron leaving Cleveland was like leaving a longtime girlfriend. Doing so after an hour-long special was like jacking off on her face first.
  • 22:33:40: Um, Mr. Gilbert? Maybe you should calm down before releasing anymore statements to the press... #jiltedlover
  • 23:07:26: RT @chadfordinsider: I understand Dan Gilbert's anger, but if he really wants to win, he better look in the mirror. http://bit.ly/aQ5AiE
  • 23:08:08: Cleveland, I know you're angry at 'Bron right now, but your anger should be towards another person no longer in your city: Danny Ferry.
  • 23:48:37: Tell you what, Sharron Angle: let's have someone rape YOU and make you pregnant. Then we'll see if you're so hot to take it to term.
  • 23:51:53: Dinner's done, body's resting, sweaty pads/equipment airing out... fuck LeBron, fuck the world, it's #personaoclock
  • 23:55:17: Shit. I just realized I forgot to edit my entry into this week's Ask the Kliq. Oh well, change out FF1 for Suikoden II in your head

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