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From Twitter 07-09-2010

  • 02:43:18: I have to say... Alex Jones has a point. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B_xBWsDpz0
  • 03:47:01: I hate losing David Lee, but getting Anthony Randolph and Ron Turiaf (assuming D'Antoni plays him, never a guarantee) is very nice. #knicks
  • 03:50:07: One final thing on LeBron: It's pathetic that a city's entire economy (Cle.) seemed to revolve around one basketball player. #gretzkysouth
  • 14:05:24: RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Week 1 of vacation almost in books and I offer these observations: North Carolina OBX are awesome. Dunkin Donuts has ...
  • 14:16:10: I favorited a YouTube video -- Hulk Hogan joins Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and founds th... http://youtu.be/H76DwHgOwpA?a
  • 14:39:57: So the Mariners want Jesus Montanero for Cliff Lee. Uh... don't we already HAVE a catching prospect? #adammoore
  • 14:57:06: I touched on this before: LeBron is a fan of the Cowboys, Yankees and Lakers growing up. People didn't see he's a frontrunner?
  • 15:04:15: Holy SHIT. Fuck Dan Gilbert, Adrian Wojiconsonants DESTROYED almost everyone involved in Lebracle. http://yhoo.it/dzI045
  • 21:00:27: Thanks, mother nature! The inline hockey tournament is postponed due to rain, which means I can watch the World Cup Final on Sunday! <3
  • 21:12:29: LeBron's leaving the way he did reminded me of Jamie Foxx's character shooting Tupac at the end of Above the Rim. Smiling assassin.
  • 22:12:15: Good on Jack Zduriencik to make the right move. Much as I like Sweeney and Kotchman, Justin Smoak should be better than both combined.
  • 22:20:13: One thing I learned in pick-up on Wednesday: I'm so rusty, I'm back to habits I dropped years ago. Like blatantly cheating to my glove hand.
  • 22:21:52: So I hear Jayson Werth might be donig the Chris Pronger special with this reporter: http://goo.gl/WqC3 #nicecatch
  • 23:53:56: No hockey tomorrow, I can stay up late, and I can watch football Sunday... sounds like it's time for a celebratory #personaoclock

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