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From Twitter 07-10-2010

  • 05:39:05: "People who like Ron Paul also like Sarah Palin!" Ah, Facebook's interest linking at work...
  • 13:52:29: You want to watch a depressing sporting event? Watch the third place game of the World Cup.
  • 14:41:53: I disagree with Jerry Brewer: Mariners fans are realists. We know this was the best case. http://bit.ly/aPNWCX
  • 14:45:53: "The booing for Suarez has grown to unbearable and dare I say, disgraceful levels" - Go Derek Rae!
  • 14:50:13: To people going "LeBron isn't like Kobe, because Kobe's great!"... do you know what you're saying!? Seriously! Look at Kobe's past!
  • 14:52:36: Kobe quit - quite visibly - in the '07 playoffs to show up his teammates, demanded a trade, held up the Lakers... and the whole rape thing.
  • 14:52:53: I don't care if LeBron hits Dan Gilbert with a steel chair, he's a fucking SAINT compared to Kobe Bryant.
  • 14:53:53: If Cleveland wants to bitch about something, they should bitch about the fact that 60% of their economy was one 25 year old athlete.
  • 15:03:15: Anyone who wants to know why LeBron James left Cleveland should ask Wayne Gretzky. He could tell you some "big fish in small pond" stories.
  • 15:21:47: Can someone tell me what the hell this "cracker meme" is?
  • 17:31:44: RT @legendaryR: @superbus finally someone said it, people r acting like lebron committed murder. Boulder, Colorado anyone?
  • 19:17:02: Look, all I'm saying is that if I was David Stern, I'd rather have my best player accused of disloyalty than rape.
  • 19:34:19: RT @hatsuyuki: I'm a huge fan of P4's music. P3, not so much.
  • 19:35:12: RT @jlist jlist My son's wisdom: "If Burger King married Dairy Queen, their son would be Jack in the Box." (That's fucking brilliant!)
  • 19:38:07: Every time I go to the middle school, I show my workout axiom: it's not a workout if you can comfortably walk out on your own power.
  • 22:30:26: Grace & Tony's Italian Restaurant on #Yelp: One night, while coming back from something that required a long drive a... http://bit.ly/aE7JLT
  • 22:43:24: It's one thing to send Nick Swisher to the All Star Game. But the Home Run Derby!? What, was Ichiro busy?

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