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From Twitter 07-11-2010

  • 00:09:59: It's comforting to know that when my team plays the Yankees, my Twitter feed lets me know what happened. Thanks, Joba! <3
  • 13:38:27: Few minutes in, this is oen of those games we would call "nervy". I call it "shitty". #ned #esp
  • 13:43:15: RT @dmataconis: American cops increasingly think they can harass innocents in the name of keeping us safe. http://bit.ly/aPGeig
  • 13:47:03: Howard Webb doing this game? I like that. Webb'll let 'em play, despite two early yellows.
  • 14:03:53: #ned is making it very hard for neutrals to support them, especially after Kung Fu Panda (de Jong), who should be off.
  • 14:09:07: RT @cnsteltenp: I don't know who to root for. Both teams are being punk ass bitches.
  • 14:09:32: #ned needs to get Van Bommel out of the game at the half. If he makes it that far.
  • 14:14:09: RT @SPBowley: Jee-sus, you whining crybabies. Just PLAY FUTBOL already! Enough with the sympathy bullshit #ned #esp #worldcup
  • 14:19:54: RT @cnsteltenp: This is a final? It looks like little boys are playing, not men. Stop diving, fouling, and crying. Get up and play a cle ...
  • 14:23:56: "If this had been a group game, the Netherlands would probably already be down to nine men - at least." - Truth frmo Alan Shearer.
  • 14:32:01: Give Howard Webb credit for keeping both sides at 11, but the Dutch are one step below hitting the Spanish with a steel chair.
  • 15:03:40: Please, please don't let this go to PKs. Please.
  • 15:06:19: I think Iniesta didn't get a card because Howard Webb said "well, it was a bad foul, but he did it on Van Bommel... fuck him"
  • 15:12:26: Ironic: the one person who doesn't dive doesn't get rewarded, AND is carded for dissent. Poor Arjen Robben.
  • 15:14:26: Spain's going for it: Cesc Fabregas on for the defensive minded Xabi Alonso.
  • 15:15:59: ... this is worth interrupting the World Cup for. Yankee announcer Bob Sheppard has died at 99. http://es.pn/bWjwWR
  • 15:30:54: The last scoreless draw that was ended by PKs in the World Cup was Brazil vs. Italy in '94. That game sucked too.
  • 15:33:03: Give credit to Howard Webb. This has been a shitty, chippy match, and he's been as close to flawless as you can get. #worldcup
  • 15:36:11: If Andres Iniesta would just put one on net instead of dancing it in, Spain would probably be up.
  • 15:37:25: Spain is opening this up. Watch the Dutch play Park the Bus football for the last 20.
  • 15:39:16: At least #ned is making attacking changes. Van Der Vaart for De Jong is a positive change (also gets a yellow off)
  • 15:42:08: Giovanni Van Bronckhorst's career is over. He's been taken off.
  • 15:42:42: Do Spain have any subs left? I don't think we're going to see Fernando Torres.
  • 15:44:13: Nike sold this World Cup as the players writing the future. If this is the future, I want to be back in the past.
  • 15:44:56: Looks like I spoke too soon. Here comes Torres. I don't like the sub, actually. Reminds me of Roberto Baggio in '94.
  • 15:48:54: The wheels have fallen off. Free kick at about 24m, and Netherlands is down to 10.
  • 15:50:17: We're going to penalties. The Dutch are going to park the bus now.
  • 15:56:56: It's all but over. Iniesta, 1-0 #esp.
  • 16:04:39: Nothing really to say about the final. The best team won. #ned #esp #worldcup
  • 16:14:41: Why do I have the sudden urge to play Sid Meyer's Pirates? #blowupthedutch #andthespain
  • 16:16:21: I have to admit, seeing Carles Puyol getting a winner's medal is kinda cool. He's class.
  • 16:18:45: Not only does he raise the trophy as the captain, but we know Iker Casillas is going home to some KILLER pussy.
  • 18:00:50: RT @Jim_Sterling: If Infinity Ward or Bungie had made Singularity, there would have been more nines and tens -- guaranteed!
  • 19:06:32: After my stunning victory against France with England, I'm trying to qualify for/win a WC with an Asian team. This time: Japan.
  • 19:41:34: Bwuh!? http://yfrog.com/1s47547139p
  • 20:18:00: OK, enough bullshit. Time for #personaoclock! I have to get it in before the US version of Dragon Quest IX comes in and eats my time alive.
  • 22:11:55: "Mr. Jackson? Martin Luther King Jr. is calling for you. He sounds upset."

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