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From Twitter 07-13-2010

  • 01:48:03: I wonder if this sense of relief - mixed with stress - is what social workers feel like...
  • 03:44:29: I still maintain that Howard Webb did an outstanding job, except for two minor mistakes. http://bit.ly/aPoJ3L
  • 14:15:46: I have to admit... I'm sympathetic to Yankees fans. To lose Bob Sheppard AND George Steinbrenner in the same week? That's a lot.
  • 14:16:27: I still maintain the only reason they had a dynasty was because he was suspended. But that doesn't underrate his impact on the game + team.
  • 15:26:37: http://bit.ly/dsgKUX (via @TheRealBell): The New Michael Larson! Also shows the difference between Bob Barker and Drew Carey. It's profound.
  • 15:32:39: Sean Murray (Hello Games, makers of Joe Danger) calls XBLA a "slaughterhouse" for indies. I hope more do the same. http://bit.ly/9bEMmH
  • 15:34:45: More notable from that article is the publisher feedback. "We want games that are less about fun right now"? We want LESS FUN GAMES?
  • 19:13:05: If I wasn't watching the All Star Game before, I'm DEFINITELY not watching now. I don't need the Steinbrenner lovefest.
  • 19:13:43: Lot of revisionist history about George Steinbrenner going out. I can't even tackle all this bullshit in 140 characters.
  • 19:23:08: And you people think New York's ban on trans fats is bad. Whatever happened to adults making their own choices? http://bit.ly/bsYu8a
  • 20:56:02: The Playstation Plus lineup this week is pathetic, and it's getting worse as time goes. I wonder if those dipshits at IGN even noticed.
  • 22:31:24: I got an advance copy of LIMBO for review. So far, it is... wow. Extremely visceral. Extremely minimalistic. Extremely amazing.
  • 22:33:40: Sign of a good game: I am about to PISS MY PANTS because of a HUGE FUCKING SPIDER that I can't figure a way around. #arachnaphobia
  • 23:04:42: My heart is literally beating faster. What an amazing job of filling me with dread, PlayDead. #limbo
  • 23:35:11: OK, I can't even pretend to be macho. This game has me petrified in spots. Expect a glowing review.
  • 23:52:40: Playstation Network Wrap-Up (Quick Wrap) for July 13th, 2010: Due to me covering an event being run by Electronic ... http://bit.ly/dm7pz8

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