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From Twitter 07-15-2010

  • 00:46:35: Here's something that I'm surely going to kick the everliving shit out of in the next PSN update: http://bit.ly/9nbfGr
  • 01:02:44: Tim Schafer is right, but gamers are too stupid to care about how much damage Kotick does to our industry. http://bit.ly/9XO89B
  • 06:23:01: Valuable lesson learned yesterday: they close car garages in Bridgeport. Waking up at 5AM (sleep time: 4) to pick up my car was the teacher.
  • 06:23:42: Needless to say, I don't see this being a productive day. Not that it matters, anything I'd talk about is embargoed anyway. #theywillshootme
  • 06:28:55: Better idea, Rob Cousens of Codemasters: sell us complete games without DRM. Unless you LIKE getting raped in reviews. http://bit.ly/aBlw35
  • 06:51:50: Doing a @JVB style giveaway here: who wants beta codes for Medal of Honor? Just let me know, first come first serve. No follow required!
  • 07:06:52: Dear Islam: I still spit on your religion. (via @mercuryiceforum) http://bit.ly/bm4nfB
  • 07:09:47: "MLB All Star game earns lowest-ever television rating". BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Guess we need more All Stars! http://es.pn/abrWGv
  • 07:16:23: Great Gamepro article (!?) on Metacritic (found via Kombo). I have too many strong opinions for 140 characters. http://bit.ly/9Htzd3
  • 23:33:28: RT @khakigent Goodbye, Valley Bowl via @ValleyIndy http://bit.ly/aXnTRZ (And good riddance - Bus)
  • 23:35:18: Fire Emblem DS Monshou is $10 more expensive at @jlist than Play Asia... and I'm buying it from JList once I have the funds. #loyalty
  • 23:51:07: Early preview of my Dragon Quest IX review: just read @Jim_Sterling's review at DToid. He nailed everything I'm going to say in fewer words.
  • 23:56:51: Nintendo's PR staff probably read this and said "shit, we still support the Virtual Console?" http://bit.ly/9VW9aS

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