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From Twitter 07-16-2010

  • 00:05:22: One negative about reviewing games early: no FAQs if you get stuck. #limbo
  • 00:57:30: The Goddamned demo for Madden drops on July 27th, and yet I can't give my impressions until Aug. 2nd? That's stupid. Really stupid.
  • 01:25:06: What the fuck!? Rockstar seriously pulled an Activision on their Red Dead Revolver team. Shameful. Hang your heads. http://bit.ly/b6uL27
  • 01:38:16: You know what I expect Nintendo to do about Capcom's VC announcement? Pull the games, as punishment for announcing on their own volition.
  • 01:57:13: Summing up Apple's press conference earlier: "Fuck you, we're Apple, you all belong to us. Kiss the muthafuckin' ring."
  • 02:34:09: Can we just send Michael Patcher to the moon without a return ticket? http://bit.ly/cYT7pl
  • 02:48:04: RT @billmaher: Watching Mel Gibson in "What Women Want". I don't know, something about it just feels different now.
  • 03:34:37: The earlier Patcher article bugs me. Does this buffoon state what happens when the money well dries up with gamers? Can you say "1983"?
  • 04:20:15: RT @emuparadise: just added five new strategy guides thanks to ilefys. We've got Tales of Vesperia, Alan Wake, Lunar SS Harmony, Bayonet ...
  • 07:43:29: I was going to write about OnLive impressions. And you know what? The TOS is a 14K word monolith with multiple tracking references.
  • 07:45:24: The terms - via TOS and financially - are so ornerous, and my information so easily traded, that I'm not doing this, even for journalism.
  • 07:50:57: So good journalists (me) won't subject themselves to this, and the big sites are loaded with bad ones. This issue is problematic.
  • 11:42:50: Here's my question: are sales down because of Tiger's issues, or gameplay issues? I think it's more of column B. http://bit.ly/bPO1uU
  • 11:45:27: Really, why would anyone buy Tiger '11 when Tiger '10 is sufficient? Or when Tiger '06 on PS2 is *better*?
  • 11:50:13: Businesses in Derby are falling left, right and centre. Our mayor responds... by firing his police chief as revenge for a personal matter.
  • 12:16:43: I love how @Onlivefans_com follows me after I thrash the service. What a totally not astroturfed site/account. #billhickshadapoint
  • 12:18:27: Now, why can't everyone be as reasonable as @maddow? Liberal, conservative... just treat us like adults. That's all. http://bit.ly/99MqB0
  • 12:19:30: (I say that while disagreeing. I feel we *have* to stay because of Neocon incompetence... but that Bush/Cheney should hang for war crimes)
  • 12:43:31: Someone had given a press conference "wrap-up" that I fell for last night. Unfortunately? I was RIGHT. #apple #kissthemuthafuckinring
  • 21:38:30: Sobo Bana Japanese Restaurant in Hamden is awesome! Good food, great menu, outstanding prices. I am officially ready for this weekend.
  • 22:33:03: I hate Sharon Angle so much, she makes me hope Harry Reid is reelected. That's a lot of hate.
  • 22:35:07: "The Panthers 'were there to intimidate blacks...' said Niger Innis" Yeah, I lol'd.
  • 22:39:11: No, Steve Jobs. You don't have the credibility for us to give you the benefit of the doubt. Fix your fucking phone already.
  • 23:33:15: On the one hand, Canada gave the world Rush. On the other hand, we gave the world Justin Bieber and Celine Dion. #fuck
  • 23:45:02: They're coming out with a Mega Man Universe, that puts everything Mega Man in a blender? I think @dekunda just came rainbows.

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