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From Twitter 07-17-2010

  • 00:45:50: Wait. Bengie Molina hit for the cycle? Bengie Molina hit a TRIPLE!? He usually stretches doubles into singles! BENGIE MOLINA HIT THE CYCLE!?
  • 05:21:23: Wait a minute: Pac Man WASN'T a member of the Video Game Hall of Fame!? http://bit.ly/bEjqke
  • 15:52:17: Everything that could have sucked about today, did. What an absolute shit show.
  • 16:17:11: And I have a blister on my foot, from all the skating. Yay me! This tournament sucked so bad, I'm not even finishing it. 1st time in 15 yrs.
  • 16:17:33: If today was a porn star, it would be in one of those Japanese bukkake videos you find in the Japanese underground.
  • 16:27:56: Best BBQ in CT. Yeah, I went there. (@ River View BBQ) http://4sq.com/aaQNGm
  • 16:54:25: A great character actor has left us. RIP, James Gammon (Lou Brown from Major League)
  • 20:06:38: Ah, yes. Because if any country is synonymous with individual liberty, it's Britain. http://bit.ly/axMr4x

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