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From Twitter 07-19-2010

  • 00:37:53: "Honey, if you make your pussy look like Jesus Christ, I will not go down on you. :P" #contextisfortheweak
  • 00:44:33: Dear @thereviewcrew: Good job breaking embargo on the Limbo review. You stupid pieces of shit. Mike Yawney can't write for shit, either.
  • 01:05:26: One disadvantage of a common name: searching for yourself is often fruitless. Esp. when that name is shared with an Australian MP.
  • 01:08:39: So Destructoid, IGN, Gamespot, even us, all these mid-size to big sites can't publish Limbo early... but tiny Review Crew can? I call BS.
  • 01:50:12: I want to see Inception. Not because the movie interests me, but because Ellen Page is hot. #canadadoesitright
  • 02:58:46: Days like this make me angry at our scoring system. A worse game will win GOTY because of two irrelevant scoring categories.
  • 03:25:16: Fuck Guile's Theme. After 20 years, I still cringe when I hear the "player injured" music from Tecmo Super Bowl.
  • 03:26:06: Limbo review will be up on @diehardgamefan at 12:01PM EST. Look for it! It's a great game, and I think I did it justice.
  • 11:04:14: Review: Limbo (Microsoft Xbox 360): Limbo Developer: PlayDead Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Genre: Platform/Pu... http://bit.ly/b5l9vW

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