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From Twitter 07-21-2010

  • 00:03:15: I can't wait to see how some of the far rights are going to defend Brietbart. Some have started. I'm disappointed, @danataggart.
  • 00:21:52: The worst thing about today is that the right wing - and Andrew Brietbart - won. Slander their names all you want, it doesn't matter.
  • 00:22:34: Brietbart, Palin, all these horrible people on Fox News, they are all laughing all the way to the bank because everyone else is a coward.
  • 00:54:35: David Cross compared Scientology to Mormonism in how they're both scams and full of shit. Did my research, and... he's fucking right! Wow!
  • 11:13:40: RT @Jim_Sterling: Limbo's out on XBLA today. Not to sound like a shill, but if you don't get it, you support international terrorism.
  • 11:15:59: Let me state for the record that I have performed four critical updates on my system since my last reboot. No reboots required. #linux
  • 11:31:13: Hey @peterschiff, I support your campaign, but would speak with my wallet if you would run as an independent. Just saying.
  • 11:36:24: I eat Wendy's one night, and it's showing around my stomach; I'm retaining water like a menstruating woman.
  • 12:17:25: Granted, he never had my vote - especially after the Vietnam flap - but R. Blumenthal lost it for good by supporting the CA video game ban.
  • 12:19:42: I love how casually Blumenthal throws around that games have "rape". I can think of TWO that even think about it, and one is Japanese!
  • 12:22:38: I hope Lindsay Lohan is raped in jail. I do. We acknowledge that anyone else that goes will be raped - with a smile - so why not this cunt?
  • 12:34:35: So now they're "reconsidering" firing Shirley Sherrod. I hope she tells Vilsack where to stick his job. http://bit.ly/d90rx5
  • 12:36:43: I already don't fly because I hate being treated like a criminal. Now, I'll never use Bradley again. http://bit.ly/bWJ5x5
  • 12:39:17: I can already hear people criticizing Bristol Palin, but remember, people: she's a teenager. How dumb were YOU at 19?
  • 12:49:31: It should be noted, however, that Chelsea Clinton would never have done any of the shit Bristol is doing. Take that, Newt.
  • 12:56:33: Everyone screaming about Brietbart now, just watch. The next time him or someone else like him does this, you will all lap it up. Again.
  • 14:09:02: After all this time? I still don't know where I stand on Title IX. It was necessary, and yet... http://bit.ly/b5TG99
  • 15:14:46: RT @hesster56: Attn politicians: for a nominal fee I will help you talk about video games in a way that shows you at least understand wh ...
  • 15:16:12: RT @dmataconis: In other news, liberty still evacuating America RT: @BreakingNews: Statue of Liberty reopens after brief evacuation htt ...
  • 15:18:17: RT @slavkandyba: hate when bama sites take my article word-for-word and don't give credit. case in point: http://bit.ly/a9K6S4. mine: ht ...
  • 15:32:21: There's something wrong here. What happens AFTER Demon's Souls support is up? Is it no longer playable? http://bit.ly/aWMh7M
  • 15:41:02: My mother - days later - didn't know what really happened with Shirley Sherrod; she thought she was racist. And my mother knows better.
  • 15:41:28: The point of this is that even if an intelligent, reasonable woman like my mother is still fooled, imagine what others think?
  • 16:11:24: RT @BreakingNews USDA boss says he's sorry, offers ousted staffer a 'unique' position - AP http://bit.ly/9ktjB6 (Too little, too late - Bus)
  • 17:48:49: Fire Emblem has been officially preordered from @jlist! Also got a DVD. Because that's how I roll.
  • 18:08:45: Good news! Found out what was wrong with my PC! Bad news! It was my extremely expensive graphics card! I hope they honour my warranty...
  • 18:11:07: Is it just me, or does shit really blow up in this country every time Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert take a week off?
  • 21:07:07: RT @burning_phoneix: You know what I like about the bbc's website? No idiotic rant filled comments section beneath every article.
  • 21:23:33: What a dump. :( (@ Chili's) http://4sq.com/cS0oBL
  • 23:58:35: I'm pissed! I bought Lewis Black's latest album for $10 on iTunes, I can't transfer it, and it broke my iPhone. It's $2 less on Ubuntu One!

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