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From Twitter 07-23-2010

  • 00:52:30: Wow, the new Google Images is shit.
  • 01:32:26: My rap listening friends are onto somehing. They ask me for my opinion of Drake, and just start laughing before I even start my tirade.
  • 01:33:58: "Last name, ever. First name, greatest" Uggggggggggh you FAGGOT YOU FAGGOT YOU WANNABE, BUBBLEGUM RAP FAGGOT #drake #faggot
  • 01:43:42: I notice since my Drake rant, I lost a follower. Good! Fuck 'em!
  • 02:30:02: Am I the only person kinda hoping we ignore Afghanistan and go about blowing the shit out of North Korea at this point?
  • 02:36:44: Blogging on the ‘Bus: Why We Stopped the Weekly Wrap-Ups: For awhile now, we’ve been doing weekly wrap-ups of some... http://bit.ly/bGssXa
  • 02:48:51: Reading my Limbo review next to Jim Sterling's. This is the first time in a long time where I feel my work needs serious improvement.
  • 22:18:37: In retrospect, breaking my alcohol free streak on sake while alone and needing to drive... I've made better decesions.
  • 22:28:31: I'm at Hunan Pan (303 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton). http://4sq.com/9oaQhO
  • 23:38:01: I can't post Madden impressions because of embargo, but others can post Madden demo impressions early. What the fuck, EA.

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