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From Twitter 07-24-2010

  • 00:08:24: RT @TheRealBell: Why are there priests on the MPAA Appeals Board? How can this not be construed as moral censorship by an elite oligarch ...
  • 00:19:38: Watching the '79 SCF in Montreal. They showed fans smoking in the hall while getting concessions. My God. Talk about a different era.
  • 00:31:07: Another oddity from '79: proceeds from a softball game in Edmonton would go to "retarded" children. In '10, the PC Police would raid HNIC.
  • 00:44:21: Steve Gibson is doing his part to destroy copyright, our legal system, and honour. Just die, Steve Gibson. Just die. http://bit.ly/b90tR2
  • 01:49:17: Love Plus arcade games? Really, Japan? Really, Konami? You're one step away from bringing back porno theatres with guys jerking it publicly.
  • 07:57:25: "Run WIndows 7 on the laptop, it's AMAZING" Thanks. Now, I have a laptop that will not connect via LAN, and four wasted hours.
  • 09:09:47: RT @Buster_ESPN: Heard this: There is currently a major split between the Mariners' on-field staff and the front office. (Not again...)
  • 13:19:59: "It's 90F! It's high noon! Let's go for hoops and running!" #famouslastwords #proofthatiamstupid

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