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From Twitter 07-25-2010

  • 06:53:14: Let's do some championship hockey! (@ Northford Ice Pavillion) http://4sq.com/cHZVsi
  • 10:48:26: RT @DHGFMarkB: http://tinyurl.com/23f8t6j: Mr. J. Rose has printed another shirt over at Shirt.Woot. Check it out, would you?
  • 10:53:49: The next logical step: Seppuku RT @tweetdrudge: Tony Hayward to quit BP... http://bit.ly/cdBBlX
  • 11:53:59: For anyone hoping that Gov. Christie eventually runs for President: Keep in mind that Bush was a popular governor, too.
  • 13:56:18: I think @jim_sterling will appreciate this assuming it's not sarcastic or taking the piss: http://bit.ly/dkLF2Z
  • 14:02:55: As a Libertarian, I generally like less government in anything. Prisons, OTOH, should NEVER be private. That's just legal slave trading.
  • 15:53:59: This always kills me. Who knows how many fires could have killed me? http://bit.ly/bdr0Ad
  • 16:55:48: Who are you all shitting? The Republicans - specifically, the Neo-Cons - LOVE the WIkileaks reports. It means more war. More $$$.
  • 17:38:41: What I found amazing about this report: every stadium in Florida is in heavy health code violation. Wow. http://es.pn/aZbJB3
  • 17:43:28: Either the Diamondbacks know there's something wrong with Dan Haren, or they just got buttfucked on that trade.

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