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From Twitter 07-26-2010

  • 08:01:17: You know what gets my tits? Useless linkbombs have thousands of followers, but I say interesting shit and only have 300+. #whine
  • 10:29:46: GameFAQs is a PITA. "I need to create Ippon-Datara w/ Sukukaja. How?" "My guide is too good to just *tell* you, noob" Gamer nerds...
  • 10:32:30: Well, whaddaya know. Giant Bomb has it. Fuck you GameFAQs, and fuck you too, elitist gamer nerds.
  • 10:53:40: Why, of course not, Activision. Why would gamers want to know if the game they're buying is any good? Oh, right... http://bit.ly/9aue4l
  • 11:07:50: Nice of @DailyCaller to follow me. I JUST got done slamming the site, Tucker, and everything related to them both! Good timing, guys! <3
  • 11:17:25: Shockingly good feedback to my latest BotB. The way people enjoyed those write-ups makes me that much angrier at Sony, Microsoft + Nintendo.
  • 11:38:47: We're doing #MusicMonday now? Well, it doesn't get better than @RealTalibKweli for rap fans.
  • 11:56:58: I don't follow crazy people too much, what's the big deal about Tom Tancredo?
  • 11:59:47: "I staggered their release to catch Acorn and its defenders in a lie." Wow. Of all the people to call someone else a liar... #brietbart
  • 12:32:03: Ironic. A week after I announce that lack of VC updates killed our Nintendo write-up, Nintendo puts out a VC game. A mediocre one, too.
  • 12:41:17: I'm seeing all these reports that Jailbreaking iPhones is now "legal". Call me sceptical.
  • 13:34:32: I'm learning something: I don't think Dragon Quest IX is going to stand up well to our scoring system!
  • 13:36:21: All this stuff written about Dez Bryant seems to gloss over the fact that *he has not taken ONE NFL snap*
  • 14:31:03: Am I wrong for saying I really don't like Naoto Shirogane? #persona4
  • 14:54:32: RT @libertyideals: BP Tries to Buy Academic Silence and Fails #libertarian http://bit.ly/cmbPlm
  • 15:01:17: I say again: can we just send Michael Patcher to the moon? http://bit.ly/97zJSQ
  • 15:09:24: Just read the DMCA exceptions. It won't survive an appeal. There's too many loopholes for companies to take, and higher courts will kill it.
  • 16:22:09: Well, at least it's not SecuROM... http://bit.ly/bY2o96
  • 16:23:39: Uh oh, @burning_phoneix! Looks like you've gotta bow out of this whole videogame business! http://bit.ly/9Hs2HR
  • 16:29:39: I favorited a YouTube video -- Kanye West - Welcome To Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi http://youtu.be/wMH0e8kIZtE?a
  • 19:49:40: Uh, baseball fans? Might want to turn on ESPN. Double no hitter in progress.
  • 20:05:34: Destiny got Matt Scherzer into bed, then tied him up to a bedpost and took his wallet.
  • 20:07:51: Fire Emblem: Hikari to Kage no Eiyu GET!! Expect the first English review once I can translate it enough!
  • 20:32:07: Sorry, Detroit hitters. You're gonna have to swing at anything close at this point.
  • 20:49:24: RT @BreakingNews: Tampa Bay's Matt Garza throw's MLB's fifth no-hitter of the year, topping Detroit 5-0 - AP http://bit.ly/aMg1tM
  • 21:37:31: RT @WhalerWatch: RT @brahmresnik #Coyotes sale to Ice Edge in trouble, Gdale says http://bit.ly/ckRO98 (YES! - Bus)
  • 22:19:18: Oh great. The Heel Tastic commercial is on while I'm eating. "DO YOUR FEET NEED A SANDER TAKEN TO THEM!? :D" #ugh
  • 22:19:51: Congratulations, NHL Network. Your commercials are so gross, I literally shut off a game featuring my favourite team.

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