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From Twitter 07-27-2010

  • 08:23:45: Holy shit! Two copies of L4D2 to people who got caught in the VAC mess? THAT is how you apologize to your fans! Pay attention, Activision.
  • 08:56:09: RT @raywashere: Waiting for the complete Starcraft 2 to be released, ALL 3 CAMPAIGNS, before I purchase. Say no to incomplete gaming!
  • 09:12:52: I don't care about Starcraft II. Does that make me a bad gamer?
  • 09:15:14: "The original version of RE5 won't be receiving the (PS Move) patch, for technical reasons. Technically, we are greedy" http://bit.ly/9c40tz
  • 10:35:46: Dear Democrats: You are fucking useless if you cannot break a filibuster on the DISCLOSE Act. No in-between.
  • 10:37:19: Can someone tell me when 60 became the new 51? And when EVERY single bill required a Republican filibuster?
  • 11:08:55: THQ's announcement of another WWE franchise brings up an interesting question: when the hell did Raw vs. Smackdown become "simmy"!?
  • 11:10:31: Of course @jim_sterling is right here: as long as gamers gulp these inflated prices up, they'll keep gouging us. http://bit.ly/dtGlX1
  • 11:39:26: What do I think of success? It sucks, too much stress. #namethattune
  • 12:27:04: Here's a question that a linkbomb makes us think about... should Bradley Manning be executed for treason?
  • 13:58:30: ... So what IS Rare's "message"? http://bit.ly/9DjIH0
  • 15:25:40: Microsoft, I've signed up for porn sites that are easier to cancel rebills on than your Gold service. I fucking hate you, you know that?
  • 15:26:31: Microsoft intentionally made so many hoops to jump through that people will say fuck it. Have I mentioned that Gold is a (necessary) scam?
  • 15:35:34: THREE PAGES OF "Don't leave us, it's great to be gold!" TO CANCEL REBILLS!? #fuckyoumicrosoft
  • 15:36:14: This is after fifteen minutes of searching on teh site. Where is the "cancel my fucking rebills RIGHT FUCKING NOW" button!?
  • 21:08:27: I'm at Sports Center of CT (784 River Road, Shelton). http://4sq.com/dg6QUb
  • 21:50:36: I'm at Valley Diner Restaurant (635 New Haven Avenuel, Derby). http://4sq.com/cS1x0l
  • 22:47:17: I wonder if I can review every single game in this year's Summer of Arcade... *notices Tomb Raider* ... Ugh.
  • 23:14:55: No, body. Don't give up on me now! I have to finish Hydro Thunder! :(

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Jul. 28th, 2010 09:53 pm (UTC)
It makes you a bad Korean.

You suck at being Korean.

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