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From Twitter 07-28-2010

  • 00:40:39: Could someone please tell the prospective Presidential candidate for the Libertarian party just what that L word means? http://bit.ly/dgsDrj
  • 02:15:36: I just reviewed a game on a twelve hour turnaround. Either I'm great, or this review sucks.
  • 12:35:45: Re-reading my Hydro Thunder Hurricane review. Surprisingly quality, despite the rushed nature and complete lack of editing.
  • 12:46:27: Thank God for browser-based spell check. Without it, I would never spell Massachusetts correctly, ever.
  • 15:22:42: Review: Hydro Thunder Hurricane (Microsoft Xbox 360): Hydro Thunder Hurricane Developer: Vector Unit Publisher: Mi... http://bit.ly/9figtE
  • 17:55:42: I need to remember to check in sooner... (@ Sports Center of CT) http://4sq.com/dg6QUb
  • 21:29:03: Just got home, what's happening in sports... Oh! ManU's reserves are beating the MLS All-Stars 4-1! So much for MLS being a "big" league.
  • 21:29:40: What's that sound I hear? It's America's "newfound" interest in football going down the toilet. I think they even jiggled the handle.
  • 21:51:59: It's nice to see my President in so many places! He's on The View! He's in Madden '11! So... how's that deficit?
  • 21:55:43: Dear Cleveland: Grow the fuck up. http://bit.ly/bILdDj
  • 22:16:17: RT @OldHossRadbourn: Oh please oh please oh please I want T. LaRussa to let D. Duncan pitch an inning. And also to double-switch a food ...
  • 23:11:07: When I hear a voice coming from the woods, in the dark, going "hey buddy, c'mere", I figure nothing good can come from the conversation.
  • 23:14:21: Obama has done a lot wrong, but I cannot take seriously most of the critiques of him. They are from people that just hate all "evil" Dems.
  • 23:15:19: Our President could be the reddest "blue dog" you could find; if they're not a Republican/Tea Party guy, they are Evil Socialist Gay people.

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