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From Twitter 07-29-2010

  • 07:38:54: This is a portent for the entire gaming industry: Capcom's profits took a dive, while XBox Live (Gold) rose 13% in earnings. #gamersaredumb
  • 07:40:39: Hey! Sony's making a profit! It only took four years! http://bit.ly/c4cBqr
  • 09:00:22: So Nintendo made an announcement to let us know that they would announce the 3DS's release date + price... in 2 months. What the fuck.
  • 09:26:26: I notice my reviews are getting shorter as my workload increases. I might not even reach 2,000 words on Dragon Quest IX.
  • 09:56:31: If Peter Schiff is smart, he will announce TODAY that he is running as an independent candidate. Fuck the Republican foregone conclusion.
  • 10:42:16: For those that don't own it on any of the other systems Sega's whored it out to: Shining Force is on the iPhone for $3. http://bit.ly/9ZLhOB
  • 10:47:19: This is scary: seven people essentially control the *entire fucking internet* http://bit.ly/cIoauH
  • 10:57:49: I hope Shirley Sherrod runs this asshole into bankruptcy, since he'll never learn honour or decency. http://bit.ly/bZyF3k
  • 11:24:15: LOL! Ron Artest has a track on the NBA 2K11 soundtrack!
  • 12:20:25: Here's a question I ponder: if we kill the Department of Education... what takes over? How do kids get education? All private schools?
  • 12:20:47: I don't ask that hypothetically; I really don't have the understanding to know, because all I've known is the DOE.
  • 12:56:18: RT @bberg19: Dear Jerry, If you do not let Dickey finish this game, I will hate you for life. Sincerely, Bryan.
  • 15:12:04: You have to be kidding me. I had to spend £5 so I could get images without a fucking watermark?
  • 17:30:27: RT @dmataconis: Governor w/no time to finish job she was elected to, but lotso' time to chat on Twitter and Facebook ? | Fixed that for ...
  • 18:53:27: I just unlocked the "Local" badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/aJuENb
  • 18:53:27: I'm not doing the final? I don't expect to be here long. (@ Sports Center of CT) http://4sq.com/dg6QUb
  • 20:41:56: Best pizza in the Valley. (@ Carmine's Ristorante Italiano) http://4sq.com/b08B6o
  • 21:09:53: Can we shoot everyone involved with Jersey Shore? I'm serious. They're murdering American culture and society. What useless people.
  • 21:40:24: It's nice to read a review of Persona 3 that doesn't just suck the game off. Good work, @DHGFMarkB!
  • 21:45:42: I love it when an NFL team decides that they're just going to fuck with a guy. What petty, belligerent horseshit. http://es.pn/bUpK5F
  • 21:49:32: "Shanahan maintained that (Haynesworth) wasn't set up to fail. 'Shit, I was hoping the dumb motherfucker croaked!'"

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