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From Twitter 07-30-2010

  • 08:15:30: You guys hate Sega's current direction? Grab your ankles, it's going to get worse. http://bit.ly/aRkq24
  • 08:29:15: How many times do I have to tell the people that I am not affiliated with the French music group? In fact, I loathe their music.
  • 08:31:28: Wow. I don't know if I'm ashamed of North Korea's government, or relieved that they're not playing for Uday Hussein. http://bit.ly/aLHKYQ
  • 09:17:27: Now that Dragon Quest is in the queue, I can spend my time on the new Fire Emblem! Let's rock some katakana!
  • 09:18:55: Oh shit there's too much Kanji here HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALP
  • 09:33:38: I might do something different for New Monshou: Play it alongside the OLD Monshou as a comparison.
  • 09:34:18: That's going to make the review a LONG bit of work, but I don't fuck around with Fire Emblem.
  • 10:15:41: Sure, Target's support of GLBTs is "unwavering". Judging by their contributions, they "unwaveringly" hate them! http://bit.ly/bFw7ai
  • 10:30:00: Wow, they remade the BS Fire Emblem chapters! That's a plus! Off to a good start, Intelligent Systems!
  • 10:33:43: RT @normative: You know what, if a mosque in downtown Manhattan would "cause you pain," you're a bigot and I don't care about your pain.
  • 10:51:37: So who wants to see one of my long, detailed #FF binges today?
  • 10:55:00: Discussed with Lucard: our four top candidates for GOTY in '10, by original release date: '01, '04, '05, '10. #namethosegames
  • 12:18:41: What the fuck does "kurashitsuku" (クラシツク) mean? #lostintranslation
  • 12:34:07: I notice on SF that the game has been out two weeks, and already we have tier lists. You fuckers ruin fandom, you know that?
  • 12:35:30: RT @ValleyIndy: Derby resident wants to buy Connie's http://tinyurl.com/297qcb7 (That's a good thing! Lucarelli's is awesome)
  • 12:36:15: My translating "skills" (lol) are failing me. I don't even know which mode is casual mode. Gaaaaah
  • 13:56:25: I might actually have a female character in Fire Emblem. Why? Because I like Myrmidons over Mercenaries, and fighters are unreliable. #fe12
  • 14:37:44: OK, I can no longer translate New Monshou's menus competently. Off to GameFAQs and SF I go!
  • 15:10:26: http://bit.ly/c12tdU #americafuckyeah
  • 15:11:37: RT @andylevy: In the future, everything will be described as happening "before Snooki's arrest" or "after Snooki's arrest." I hate the f ...
  • 15:15:59: Am I the only person that thinks this Snooki... thing looks suspiciously like someone I've seen in every single bario ever?
  • 15:35:32: For those that are curious: our GOTY candidates as of today are Pokemon HeartGold ('01), Cave Story ('04), Sakura Wars ('05) and Limbo ('10)
  • 17:15:38: Oh shit, son. The Yankees just picked up Lance Berkman. Now the Rays had BETTER get Adam Dunn.
  • 19:35:01: RT @Popehat: ADL: "It is totally wrong to burn a cross on that black family's lawn to make them leave. By the way, that black family s ...
  • 20:54:57: ROCKING some nabeyaki udon at the house. Huge chunks of salmon, big fat udon noodles, fresh veggies... doesn't get much better than this

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Jul. 31st, 2010 01:40 pm (UTC)
IIRC クラッシク is "classic." *goes off to read Target link*
Jul. 31st, 2010 01:41 pm (UTC)
You might already know this because of the research you did, but クラシツク is "Classic." The second to last character is likely written smaller than the rest, and thus silent. There are some other particulars regarding that, but I won't delve into them.
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