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From Twitter 08-02-2010

  • 10:14:08: http://bit.ly/9VUtY6 - The sad thing is that these "demakes" look infinitely more fun than the games they are parodying.
  • 10:27:04: So my work at Dailygamesnews.com has started. If you want the news, and just the news, check us out. I like what these guys are doing.
  • 10:37:50: http://bit.ly/aXvxpi - Bungie looking to punish ragequitters. I still don't understand how this is going to work.
  • 10:38:47: http://bit.ly/aovpAO - Oh, Mr. Patcher, I'm going to have some FUN with you!
  • 11:00:54: RT @connpost: There's been a report of a motor vehicle roll-over at 5 Great Hill Road, Seymour, with someone trapped inside the vehicle.
  • 11:01:11: Looks like someone took that Goddamned turn on Great Hill too hard again...
  • 12:07:32: Hey Lindsay, I don't think it's "fair" that I have to constantly hear about you. Let's find a middle ground somewhere.
  • 12:34:25: I favorited a YouTube video -- NFL Gameday '98 - Intro FMV and Menu music http://youtu.be/5fpe-DJuiVo?a
  • 12:45:31: RT @OldHossRadbourn: I agree with O. Guillen. We had the same problem in my day! Those deuced Irish always needed translators. "Mumble m ...
  • 12:50:35: http://bit.ly/dANDEj - ESRB Ratings for the past week. LOT - I mean, A LOT - of casual stuff.
  • 12:58:40: I am CRANKING out news today. Tomorrow's updates should be fun!
  • 13:05:45: Is Marc Thiessen on crack? http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/08/02/AR2010080202627.html
  • 13:06:01: RT @BreakingNews: The SEC is investigating potential insider trading at BP in the weeks following the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spil ...
  • 13:37:24: RT @dmataconis: Justin Bieber is writing a memoir ? Give me a fucking break http://bit.ly/azb8z1
  • 14:47:05: It should be noted that I have 15 tabs open in Chrome right now, and the browser - and my mid-grade laptop - are running like champs.
  • 14:57:53: I love going through GoNintendo's massive RSS feed, then saying "wait a minute, that's my review!"
  • 16:08:27: Aha! Marc Thiessen was from the Bush Administration! That explains why he called for us to subvert sovereignty to take out Wikileaks
  • 16:08:48: For anyone who thinks "we were better under Bush!", go read that WaPo op-ed I linked earlier. that's what we'd go back to.
  • 16:20:38: 20 million Call of Duty map packs have been sold. In other news, 20 million people are really fucking stupid. http://bit.ly/9dQtZ8
  • 16:35:46: RT @Jesus_M_Christ: The only reason I would want Bill Cosby to die is maybe then Carlos Mencia would copy him.
  • 16:45:31: I favorited a YouTube video -- Phantasy Star (SMS) Final Battle http://youtu.be/UVQnOmImHoI?a
  • 17:29:09: It's not my preferred version, but let me state for the record that Lunar: Silver Star Harmony is on sale for FIFTEEN MOTHERFUCKIN' DOLLARS!
  • 17:30:37: RT @Jesus_M_Christ: Bill Cosby didn't die, but he will once he hears how much $$$ Tyler Perry made last year.
  • 22:11:04: RT @burning_phoneix: What's this? people dieing in Kashmir? OMG....wait, Chelsea Clinton is getting married so I don't care about dead p ...
  • 22:39:58: RT @BreakingNews: North Korea threatens a 'physical counterattack' to naval exercises (Oh, PLEASE let them throw that stone! - Bus)
  • 22:45:43: Never thought I'd do it, but I did it: I bought Final Fantasy XIII. It's not a $60 game, but it's worth the $30 Amazon charged.
  • 23:54:51: What. The. FUCK. I can see @cnsteltenp foaming at the mouth about this already. Oh my God. http://bit.ly/9vX2YC

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