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From Twitter 08-03-2010

  • 00:07:59: Preview: Madden ’11: At a recent event out in NYC, I was able to try out, among other games, a nearly complete cop... http://bit.ly/9qqMkb
  • 01:01:52: Sometimes, a man just needs a good blowjob.
  • 11:56:19: Congrats to Brett Favre on retiring! We'll see you behind centre for week 1, buddy!
  • 12:04:59: RT @bccohan: Every time one of those silly games pops up in my news feed on FB I hide it. I don't care about your frontier, farm, etc. # ...
  • 12:14:22: Jailbreaking the iPhone a whole lot easier now: http://bit.ly/aF010h That is, for people that like potential bricks.
  • 12:16:53: Brett Favre has earned the right to waffle as much as he wants. If you all had his career, you would feel the same way, too.
  • 12:18:20: New Halo released... on the Atari VCS http://bit.ly/ciJOT1
  • 12:18:47: Madden Developers Defend Strategy Pad, Promise Patch http://bit.ly/bWBj1h
  • 12:19:14: Pachter: Premium Online To Be Included in Future AAA Titles http://bit.ly/dzyz9A
  • 12:20:09: Backbreaker Patched, Fixes Numerous Flaws http://bit.ly/d3vNLV
  • 12:21:05: Tower Defence Game Goes With "Pay What You Want" Pricing http://bit.ly/czrxxG (Sadly, my laptop doesn't like the graphics)
  • 12:26:57: Dear EA: Fuck you, and double fuck you when you decide to release NBA Jam on the PSN + XBLA "due to demand" after Elite's been sold.
  • 12:28:02: And not only are you only putting Live with Elite, but it's a borked version as well? Fuck you, fuck you and fuck you.
  • 12:33:16: So, EA, as a nugget to get people to purchase your unproven NBA game, you're giving them... an advertisement for the Wii game. Fuck you!
  • 12:59:26: The problem with writing about Japan: some games are so fucked up I can't call them "news". Example: NIS's "Criminal Girls"
  • 13:13:24: Judging by his emails, Peter Schiff has officially lost his handle. Attacking Rob Simmons, Linda McMahon's "Liberal agenda"... he's lost it.
  • 13:34:53: RT @emuparadise: just updated the MAME ROMs section to MAME 0.139. 74 new roms added!
  • 13:38:22: I am RIPPING through work today. News pieces for DGN! Previews for DHGF! Fire Emblem! I'm on fire!
  • 16:34:48: RT @dmataconis: RT: @JazzShaw: @owillis @keder I think @JoeGandelman is right on that one. You can's believe in the 1st amendment only w ...
  • 17:32:08: Yeah, Slate sucks. But this piece shows Sarah Palin's respect (read: zero) for the First Amendment. http://bit.ly/drvxTO
  • 17:37:19: RT @andylevy: Michael Moore announces he's boycotting AZ over its illegal immigration law. In related news, 49 other states just passed ...
  • 17:58:25: Debating whether or not PSP Lunar is worth $15. On the one hand, LUNAR. <3 On the other hand, it's inferior to the PS1 game that I own.
  • 20:07:30: RT @Jim_Sterling: Nobody says "review scores are bad" when a game they like gets a high score. Funny, that.
  • 20:58:51: RT @bberg19: Dear A-Rod: Please hit home run #600 so I don't have to hear about it anymore. Signed, Everyone Who's Not A Yankee Fan.
  • 22:09:30: Great piece by @T_DaSilva at Kombo about interning at a major publisher. Great read. http://bit.ly/bPmOR9
  • 23:11:19: I hate both Republicans and Democrats, but you have to admit that at least Democrats let you know what they're about.

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