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From Twitter 08-04-2010

  • 01:53:20: There's something funny about a US writer on a UK site writing primarily about Japan.
  • 09:42:26: At this point, even knowing that hateful "Christians" will always make life miserable, I would build my mosque anyway. Just to spite them.
  • 11:14:56: RT @ValleyIndy: Police scanner says crash on Route 8 north in Derby, near exit 15. #cttraffic
  • 11:15:25: Here comes the anti-Favre whining!
  • 11:17:42: Democrats looking to except Wikileaks from whistleblower protection. You fuckers can't just play favourites! http://bit.ly/bgThxX
  • 11:37:01: Don't look now, but Adobe Air is starting to catch ground. Says the man running two Air programmes (TweetDeck + Pandora) at once.
  • 11:45:18: RT @libertypapers: Point: The ACLU Is A Friend of Liberty: The Left and Right political labels are pretty useless at a certain point,... ...
  • 12:31:13: BREAKING NEWS: New York Press expresses disappointment, dismay that they can no longer write about A-Rod's quest for 600 home runs.
  • 12:44:39: RT @cjd11: Today: #favre un-retires, #arod hits 600, and the #oilspill is killed. Tomorrow: The #Rapture.
  • 14:48:08: I'm tired of work. Time for #personaoclock
  • 15:29:46: RT @dmataconis: Oh shit. Just when I thought we were safe RT: @cnnbrk: House to return from summer break next week, Pelosi says http://o ...
  • 15:42:15: tl;dr summary: Proposition 8 is rendered UNCONSTITUTIONAL! http://scr.bi/aWnfe2
  • 15:58:30: Am I the only person who, when I see Joe Arpaio, thinks of Buford T. Justice?
  • 17:38:46: RT @timothy_watson: Christ, I'm going to cuss out the next idiot that acts like a state constitution is supreme over the United States C ...
  • 18:41:50: Despite it's failure, I'm glad that some big companies are willing to experiment like Google did with Wave.
  • 18:44:57: For those celebrating the death of Prop 8: it's a great step, but we're not there yet. There's still appeals, probably up to the SCOTUS.
  • 19:11:10: Dear Social Conservatives: I am a video games journalist and IT specialist. I should not understand the Constitution better than you.
  • 19:20:23: OK, Prop 8's down! Now, let's talk about Amendment 2 (FL), Prop. 102 (AZ), Initiative 1 (AK)...
  • 20:52:50: RT @dmataconis: Birtherism Lives http://bit.ly/bmLBCb
  • 20:56:00: In other news: 41% of Americans are too willfully ignorant to accept that the State of Hawaii isn't lying about Obama's birth.
  • 21:05:30: RT @warbiany: Note to gays- if you want us straights to CELEBRATE your marriages, I have two words for you: OPEN BAR. #prop8
  • 21:38:19: RT @cnsteltenp: Dear Proposition 8 supporters – You lost because you lied « SpeakEasy http://bit.ly/9i8wDC

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