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From Twitter 08-05-2010

  • 00:48:25: Wow, you fuckers at Activision just can't stay out of your own way lately, can you? http://bit.ly/9CXglL
  • 01:20:40: For readers who don't want to wait for my FTC analysis (up tomorrow), check out @CDemerjian). He's better than I am. http://bit.ly/aTGD0v
  • 12:10:57: How is the fact that you need a church to "qualify" your civil union (ie: marriage) isn't a violation of separation of church + state?
  • 12:11:51: Put it this way: when I step into a church to marry Aileen, it will be for her sake. Not because I "have" to according to my government.
  • 12:16:21: RT @dmataconis: Vaughn Walker was recommended by Ed Meese, appointed by Reagan and Bush 41, and opposed by Alan Cranston, Nancy Pelosi a ...
  • 12:20:26: Interesting piece by Vivian Paige (from my old haunt in Norfolk, VA) on the economics of blogging. http://bit.ly/arpGfP
  • 12:24:32: Scott Brown voting no on Kagan sounds like a "Alright, I'll do what you say, get off my ass!" vote on something that will pass anyway.
  • 13:03:51: Note to prop 8 opponents: Note that "traditional" is often synonymous with "antiquated". If that's too big a word, "out of date" is better.
  • 13:16:11: Here's a question: What number is @The_Real_Shaq going to wear in Boston? All his numbers are taken!
  • 13:24:28: I'd like to see what @dmataconis and @warbiany have to say about this nonsense, from a Libertarian feed of all places. http://bit.ly/9XALwj
  • 13:27:58: I can't believe I actually have to report this. http://bit.ly/ayQIBf
  • 13:45:07: As much as I enjoy Peter Schiff on his fiscal positions, why do I hear nothing about his social views? Is he a lib, or a conservative?
  • 14:08:40: RT @sdwhite: Dear @wxchannel, Remember when @MTV used to play music videos? I remember when you used to have weather 24/7 not documentaries
  • 14:09:08: What is a weather documentary, anyway? "It was cold. Then it wasn't".
  • 15:26:11: So what do you do when your country has a pesky freedom of the press? Make it almost impossible to do their jobs. http://bit.ly/aHbnEU
  • 15:46:16: RT @SPBowley: WOW RT @hartfordcourant: BREAKING NEWS: This is a 9-1-1 call from Omar Thornton to CT State Police after the shooting http ...
  • 15:48:55: RT @nickgillespie: The economics of online porn or, it's really hard to count all that money with just one hand http://bit.ly/bImbRh
  • 21:50:28: So for shits, I tried playing Ultima: Exodus (NES). Um... yeah. Those golden days weren't very "golden". :(
  • 21:59:27: Good read by @BenKuchera, but may I remind consumers that you have the power to force changes by *gasp* not buying? http://bit.ly/a4HD47
  • 23:51:00: RT @burning_phoneix: I just got my first VISA! Time to splurge on online shit I don't need, go broke and then get evicted! U!S!A! U! S! A!

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Aug. 7th, 2010 07:10 am (UTC)
Lol at the Activision. I was thinking of buying their stock. I'm not expecting the recent distaste for them in the gamer community to make any difference to it given that I am buying it mainly based on the assumption that SC2 will show up when they next report earnings.

Shaq in Boston wtfx

Aug. 8th, 2010 02:25 am (UTC)
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