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From Twitter 08-06-2010

  • 00:31:18: The one musical regret I have: not taking the chance to see Lupe Fiasco at Smith College. :(
  • 00:52:33: The history of the Madden NFL franchise is well-written, but Patrick Hubry at ESPN did the best job yet. http://es.pn/dhm26g
  • 01:02:07: Remember that print that I practically demanded @jephjacques to sell after SDCC? He's a man of his word. As am I. SOLD! http://bit.ly/ccEMg8
  • 01:36:49: Dear Activision: Don't celebrate 5,000 applications for Infinity Ward. We're in a recession. People are applying to pick up elephant shit.
  • 01:38:03: So Nomura wants to make another The World Ends With You. Just what we need in video games: more androgynous twinks.
  • 02:29:02: You got social links in my hentai games! http://bit.ly/aeEUDQ Brian missed the #1 reason for this: this could limit piracy if done right.
  • 02:29:37: And for those... uh, unaware of the eroge/hentai game market, there is not one genre that is more destroyed by piracy than H-games.
  • 02:39:12: So my "who to follow" list is mostly people I follow as DHGFBus. Cute.
  • 02:39:56: I also note is it not hideable, and as I delete people like Lady Gaga, more show up. When did Twitter become Facebook?
  • 12:52:41: *reads Nippon Ichi's earnings statement* ... Oof.
  • 13:01:14: Mass Effect 2 for $30? I better get to Gamestop today!
  • 13:02:52: RT @khaled: My thoughts: 1) who da man? 2) what was the agreement? RIM reaches agreement with Saudi. BlackBerry messaging is back. http: ...
  • 13:12:38: Cry moar, Sonic fans. http://bit.ly/aQdjZj
  • 13:12:48: RT @SPBowley: Honestly, as a sports reporter, I hate Little League season. The kids act like adults and the adults act like kids
  • 13:14:49: Yoko Ono is that person that goes "oh, you all hate me? I'LL GIVE YOU A REASON TO HATE ME! SO THERE!" http://bit.ly/9llpCN
  • 13:32:41: Oh for fuck's sake, Knicks. http://es.pn/bG2zT5
  • 13:35:11: By the way: Gamestop has Tiger Woods PGA Tour '06 for $.99. Pick it up, because it's better than '11, and $58.99 cheaper.
  • 13:46:56: good job, @vgchartz Your site is unusable now. You're useless.
  • 14:38:09: You want reporting? I'm writing a piece that states that Elena Kagan's nomination is bad for the videogame industry. I'm that good.
  • 14:44:53: "Renowned climber falls to his death" - I hate to say it, but I lol'd.
  • 14:57:36: Next up on my Gamefly queue: Hexyz Force! The game so bad, Alex wouldn't send it to me!
  • 15:12:06: Looks like Activision likes what EA and company have done. The colossus is moving! http://bit.ly/9niAp4
  • 15:18:55: So the guy that was supposed to save Hewlett-Packard from Carly Fiorina is a dirtbag! Beautiful! http://bit.ly/bl24DW
  • 16:38:11: "Activision is slipping a bit. Their only way back is to further fuck over gamers. Also, Hitler was right." http://bit.ly/bbns9Q
  • 16:40:09: Acer's always been near the top of my list for companies to buy from. What the fuck happened? http://bit.ly/ahkUyv
  • 16:41:42: So the Military is now "banned" from viewing Wikileaks. I was "banned" from viewing pornography on military computers. Didn't stop me.
  • 16:46:38: RT @jperlow: Dammit HP, stop humping the contractors and FIX YOUR PRINTER DRIVERS
  • 16:53:35: This might be the best Valedictorian speech of all time. http://bit.ly/bJDOGz
  • 17:21:51: You know what this load of bollocks tells me? Crystal Dynamics has found a way to charge $70+ for an XBLA title. http://bit.ly/bLHFWK
  • 18:00:58: RT @Jim_Sterling: Here is my clever impression of someone who is against gay marriage: "Oh hi, I'm a fucking idiot cunt!"
  • 22:41:06: Hey, Jesus Freaks! Get your bullshit out of my state! (Also love the bitch with the si-- wait, she's 13!?) http://bit.ly/cIAr3F
  • 22:43:43: My motivation to write right now is an absolute zero, for various reasons. Sounds like a good time for #personaoclock
  • 22:47:53: I need to get my desktop back up so that I can get some retro columns going (since I need to use Fraps). Stupid motherboard...
  • 23:23:32: Once again, EA takes a brilliant idea with NHL '11's online team play, and ruins it with their greed. http://bit.ly/bIEbqv

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Aug. 7th, 2010 05:07 pm (UTC)
I bookmarked the valedictorian speech you linked. The more I substitute, the more I realize that if I ever had kids, and if I were ever in a financial position to do so, I'm almost positive I would homeschool them.

I had a professor who used to talk about how teaching methods and schools haven't changed in decades. If this happened in other professions, it would be a travesty. With education, it's business as usual.
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