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From Twitter 08-07-2010

  • 01:11:02: It's official: over 100 hours in Persona 4.
  • 11:34:27: Sega's philosophy: announce 2 Shining games that aren't Shining games, and have bikini shots before gameplay shots. http://bit.ly/cZ1cvT
  • 11:40:53: Chris Chelios FINALLY retires. He's almost my mother's age! http://es.pn/aZgXo0
  • 17:06:47: RT @BreakingNews: Russian finalist dies at World Sauna championships in Finland - BBC http://bit.ly/c0ieBz (At the WHAT!? - Bus)
  • 17:22:02: RT @BreakingNews: Apple replaces head of iPhone unit - CNN http://bit.ly/cbiBWU (Dumb move. One "ah shit" doesn't obscure 100 "atta-boys")
  • 17:22:40: Notable: my copy of Madden game with a HUGE amount of press material, including the history of the game. Because that affects my score.
  • 17:51:15: Today was my best two mile time since my Navy days. I'm still not good enough for the ECAC, but getting there.
  • 17:51:29: RT @dmataconis: RT @MyPinstripes: you Yankees fans booing Berkman are a fucking embarrassment
  • 17:52:28: RT @OldHossRadbourn: I am not certain, but I suspect L. Berkman's 2-22 as a Yankee is entirely a function of his fear of NY. I hope some ...
  • 17:53:12: And to beat the other side of the Berkman argument: don't start this "it's because the AL is better" horseshit.
  • 20:07:58: I'm at Conte Ristorante. http://4sq.com/9UOogn
  • 20:51:31: Finally biting the bullet on Azumanga Daioh. (@ Barnes & Noble) http://4sq.com/7C7xF1
  • 20:56:14: Dear manga translators: if you're going to translate, *translate*! "Baka" is not an English word! I will not be buying that one!
  • 22:48:36: Today, I went bookshit: Azumanga Daioh, Hitman, and a book by Don Cherry (!). And I got pocky, just to prove that I'm a closet otaku.
  • 22:54:12: Dear Barnes and Noble: Your kiosks should tell me where things like where kanji books are. Not a hard sell on your shitty e-reader. #nook
  • 22:58:11: P.S. to B+N: I tried the Nook for awhile. I thought it was a piece of crap, and absolutely not worth $200. XOXO~ <3
  • 23:19:07: I just got Madden. But I'm also approaching the first ending fork of Persona 4. Do I pick responsibility, or awesome?
  • 23:59:35: Hey FESSers... check out FESS. ^_^

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