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From Twitter 08-08-2010

  • 13:33:49: Today is the birthday of my childhood hero, who retired before I was even born: Ken Dryden.
  • 14:02:50: NO HITTER ALERT: Brandon Morrow is no-hitting - guess who - the Rays through 7. Yes, these still matter, folks.
  • 14:10:30: BTW: Not only is he no-hitting the Rays, he's struck out 14 batters. He's always had the stuff.
  • 14:12:25: Something ironic I notice: in centre field is Dwayne Wise. If you're going to have a good luck charm...
  • 14:15:01: Brandon Morrow has an outside chance at hitting Roger Clemens's team record (18Ks), and could even hit 19. The Mariners let this guy go!
  • 14:25:50: Why the hell is ESPN's website leading off with NASCAR? Oh, right. They cover it via NASCAR Live. Marketing makes those calls.
  • 14:32:24: With 1 out left, ESPN finally realizes "hey, there's a no hitter happening! We should focus on that and not one of NASCAR's... 1 road races!
  • 14:35:03: Cito Gaston... making a pitcher's call? He's never worked well with pitchers! But now Morrow has to finish this.
  • 14:36:41: Hey, hey, HEY! MLB NETWORK! Don't go away from the game now that the no-hitter is done! The game is still in the balance! Fuckers!
  • 14:41:35: RT @sportsguy33: Complete game shutout, 17 k's, 2 BB, 1 infield hit, 1 error. Brandon Morrow became 1999-2000 Pedro today. #godhatesseattle
  • 15:59:45: This review is going to be schizophrenic. Half will be positive, the other half is going to be KILLING it.
  • 16:07:04: Oh, for Christ's sake, EA! Now you're allowing companies to sponsor RATINGS!?
  • 19:24:04: I love that I can't read a review about a Japanese restaurant that actually critiques the food, instead of just the sushi. #dumbamericans
  • 19:31:24: Ever listen to Welcome to the Jungle with 25% of the words edited? Sounds bad, right? Then don't hear the Madden soundtrack.
  • 21:10:14: I desire to keep FESS as drama free as possible while it's still open, but for some reason, this "Joey" guy has my Bus-sense tingling.
  • 21:16:39: Blargh... and while I go looking on SF for my New Monshou review, I see a name I can do without: Juigi Kario.

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