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From Twitter 08-09-2010

  • 03:03:06: Sadly, my first response to this was "this isn't news"... am I jaded? http://bit.ly/azgkwx
  • 14:14:27: RT @BigSamTweets: Dear Sega fans at Game FAQs: Sonic is your favorite Sega series? Fail. Try Phantasy Star, Shining Force, Panzer Dragoo ...
  • 14:32:57: I've been kicking serious ass in Persona 4, and am on my way to the ending... so spending today on Madden and Fire Emblem kinda sucks.
  • 14:51:36: I expected more out of the Mariners than just to can their manager. That's chickenshit, especially after how they gave him Figgins.
  • 14:57:59: Kerry Woods's 20K game in '98 is one of those times when you sit back, and wistfully wonder what could have been...
  • 14:58:23: Woods and Prior are why I think anyone who was a pitching coach in the Cubs organization should be banned from baseball. Like Rose.
  • 15:10:52: You know what I wonder? Whatever happened to that shitty site that let you pay to play with female gamers?
  • 15:50:16: It appears that @Samarecarm and I will be tag-teaming @chupacaubrey again on Wednesday! Wait, that sounded wrong...
  • 17:24:15: RT @dmataconis: Christopher Hitchens on the "Ground Zero" mosque. This is a MUST READ http://slate.me/dfqzFa (h/t @dg22727)
  • 17:28:37: My take on how Elena Kagan could affect video gamers: http://bit.ly/bikP4y I'm interested to see if this passes muster with @dmataconis.
  • 17:53:26: RT @Jim_Sterling: Nice to see the Texan Republican party wants to turn its state into a Christian version of Iran.
  • 19:32:06: My poor athletic performance in my late-20s can be attested to Undertrained Athlete Syndrome #briancushing
  • 19:37:11: Very quick preview of my coming Madden review: On-field play is great. Everything else sucks. Good game, but '12 will address big problems.
  • 19:38:00: In other words: unless you're a big Madden fan, really excited about 3v3 OTP, or haven't played in years, wait for '12.
  • 20:21:58: Dear Levi Johnston: Please go away now. http://bit.ly/booY8G
  • 20:55:12: Head coaches have ratings in Madden... and they SUCK. Brad Childress gets a 90 (best), Mike Shanahan (2 rings) gets a 73? What the hell?
  • 21:58:20: Has the MTA lost their fucking minds!? @dmataconis should have fun with this one. http://bit.ly/cIAl0G
  • 23:07:29: Dear Jack Zduriencik: How can you take "full responsibility" for this Mariners season, yet fire your coaching staff? #coward
  • 23:07:58: "New leadership is needed and it is needed now.'' - You are absolutely right, Mr Zduriencik. Now, do the right thing and fall on your sword.

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