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From Twitter 08-10-2010

  • 01:51:31: Hey, DHGF enabled Facebook comments. I actually like this; bring in a whole different audience for us to comment on.
  • 03:16:53: Who'd have thought three years ago that Tiki Barber would be a social pariah and gap-toothed Michael Strahan would be a media darling?
  • 14:55:39: CT primaries are today! And I cannot participate! Being a third party guy kinda sucks sometimes.
  • 14:57:50: Jesus Christ, Ted Stevens can't even fucking DIE with class or dignity.
  • 15:02:00: RT @Jesus_M_Christ: My bad, Ted Stevens. I'd meant to take a different Alaskan politician.
  • 15:09:46: RT @warbiany: FOCUS: Ted Stevens was on a corporate junket with the North American CEO of a major defense contractor. HE WAS *STILL* FOR ...
  • 15:10:11: I'm glad Ted Stevens died. There, I said it.
  • 15:10:41: Not only am I glad Ted Stevens died, I hope he died painfully. That's how I rate what he did to American politics.
  • 15:13:01: You know what our war efforts need? Propaganda cartoons! The last war we really won, we had support from Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck!
  • 15:20:20: Everytime I get someone saying something stupid or incindiary to me, it's with that stupid #tcot tag. Nice to see idiots identify themselves
  • 15:21:35: It's like little children starving for attention. "I said something witty! Look at me! I'm part of a group! I'm so lonely..." #tcot
  • 15:43:33: Ho boy, @KeithOlbermann is going to have a special comment on R. Gibbs's comments. Hope he admits that politics are harder than they look.
  • 15:44:32: Also, a Michael Moore reaction. I hope Moore's pissed. Anytime Michael Moore hates something, that's something America should do.
  • 16:56:12: I don't know what's worse: having PCS symptoms after getting cracked yesterday, or having the "you're going to need to retire" conversation.
  • 16:57:29: I love how easy my family thinks it is to just give up sports. I only have a few years of athletic ability left. I have to use them.
  • 17:12:52: RT @Konami: Win a copy of Konami's The Cages signed by Dodger great Eric Karros (Dodgers great? Bwuh? Was Mark Grudzielanek unavailable?)
  • 17:19:12: One problem writing for a UK site: if my stuff is done by 8PM, it's going in at 1AM. That's problematic.
  • 18:12:00: Oh MAN, is Lucard's PSPlus column going to be GOOD.
  • 18:56:03: Why is it that half of the shit I'm reporting on today has to do with Activision or their developers? This is getting stupid.
  • 19:15:56: Just rolled out 8 news pieces, and I'm working on Madden's review. Even with a possible concussion, I'm on fire!
  • 19:26:46: Dear Linda McMahon: Do not celebrate as if you won something. Without your steroid money, you are a useless candidate.
  • 19:27:20: I'm just disappointed that I would have had to re-register as a Republican to participate today. #shudder
  • 19:27:43: (When I say "re" register, I mean re-register to vote. I'm actually a former Democrat)
  • 20:29:59: #newcommandment Thou Shalt Not Legislate Based On Who One Chooses To Bed With
  • 20:37:14: If I did years ago what I just did now, I'd have gotten yelled at like never before. ^__^ #fess
  • 20:44:01: So @DanMalloyCT might be our next governor. For anyone that hates big government, this is TERRIBLE news.
  • 20:53:13: Good luck, Karzai. http://bit.ly/97EsO2
  • 20:58:23: Congratulations, Associated Press! Good job "projecting" that Linda won, when the rest of us did that six months ago!
  • 21:15:47: After watching all these SCF games from the 80s, this game from '01 is... dissettling. Half of it is cross-promotional ads for ABC shows.
  • 21:18:22: H/T @geolarson2 @billiegirltoo: Angle allegedly gives Hispanic media blackout http://bit.ly/dbzB9Q (Well, this is the shock of the day - Bus
  • 21:42:49: RT @warbiany: Poor people have worse lobbyists. #tlot RT @reasonmag Congress Takes Food from Poor People to Win Teachers Union Votes htt ...
  • 21:45:51: Who is this Amanda Marcotte person I keep hearing about? She seems to have a cottage industry in calling people names.
  • 22:08:41: RT @SPBowley: You don't have to say anything. It's been covered. Stupidest. Rule. Ever. #ctfb (the >49pt. rule) (QFT - Bus)
  • 22:19:49: A demo for Valkyria Chronicles II? Didn't that come out years ago?

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