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From Twitter 08-11-2010

  • 06:49:44: Anyone want to see Angry!Bus? Check out my news over at dailygamesnews.com today. Don't? Then avoid it. Fucking Activision.
  • 06:51:42: Actually, I take that back. I have some good shit going up today that has nothing to do with Activision, too. Imagine that.
  • 07:53:30: Here's a shock: no fucking parking. I hate Stratford. (@ Metro North - Stratford Train Station w/ 3 others) http://4sq.com/dmKmZs
  • 08:50:34: Traveling to NYC would be better if it didn't suck so hard.
  • 08:51:40: RT @T_DaSilva: Get a life. RT @Gizmodo: Disappointingly, the "Hot Piece of Ass" girl has been confirmed as a hoax by @techcrunch http:// ...
  • 19:25:28: I'm at Joe's Ginger (25 Pell St, at Doyers, New York). http://4sq.com/7TV47Y
  • 19:44:24: RT @Jim_Sterling: It's a sad day for the industry when game developers get moody over a 7.5 score and a positive review.
  • 22:58:17: I didn't get a ticket! I didn't get towed! Wheeeee! Wheeeeeeeeeeee! (@ Metro North - Stratford Train Station) http://4sq.com/dmKmZs
  • 23:13:48: I need to get better at using foursquare. I went all over NYC today, and didn't check in practically anywhere.
  • 23:17:24: Before anyone asks me about my eating habits: this is a social visit. (@ Duchess Diner) http://4sq.com/bQMNW8
  • 23:19:12: RT @bberg19: Mets are a mess, Isles are a joke, everyone hates the Jets... thank goodness the EPL starts this weekend.
  • 23:48:44: By the way: Mariano Rivera is 40. #holyshit
  • 23:50:00: By the way: Francisco Rodriguez makes over $12m this year. #goddamnit

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