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From Twitter 08-12-2010

  • 00:34:56: Went to the Southpeak show + greet. Enjoyed a great day with @Samarecarm. Got most of Madden done. Didn't get towed. Today was a good day.
  • 01:03:25: RT @Chupacaubrey: I'm at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) (Yay! Aubrey and co. made it home!)
  • 01:16:30: And now, as I work before I crash, I bring you... QUICKIE IMPRESSIONS OF SOUTHPEAK GAMES
  • 01:17:04: First impressions of Two Worlds II: Imagine if Risen didn't suck. Think of a more playable Oblivion for the OCD crowd. Good impression.
  • 01:20:24: First impressions of Nail'd: Take Hydro Thunder, and jam an 8-ball of coke up it's asshole. Fun as shit. Might be too expensive, though.
  • 01:21:08: First impressions of Vs. Battle Chess: Imagine Chessmaster and Dynasty Warriors had a love child. Good chess game for those that hate chess.
  • 01:24:33: I also got to try out some very good Japanese desert treats today. I love peach sherbet. Mikasa is OK. Both were way too expensive.
  • 01:24:53: Also got to go to Chinatown! Chinatown is very, very Chinese.
  • 14:19:31: So Apple went and fixed the PDF exploit. Yay them. Meanwhile, OSX goes unpatched. Nice to see where their priorities lie. #theyhateyou
  • 15:09:31: I'm glad I did my research. Madden took a major part of their franchise mode and BURIED it.
  • 15:45:56: It took me six times of opening and closing my case before I could take out NHL '10 and put in Madden '11. I fucking hate you, Microsoft.
  • 16:45:08: Football coaches swear? Oh my God. Get out of here!
  • 17:35:22: How did a holding penalty against me turn into a 1st and 8? #madden #bugs
  • 18:53:38: People forget that Glen Beck was a pretty decent conservative before joining Fox News. His thoughts on gay marriage make you remember that.
  • 19:01:10: I have two days I look forward to as a gamer every year: NHL '11 Demo Day, and NHL '11 Release Day. #getherefastaug17
  • 23:56:03: Holy shit! My mother got me Mello Yello! They don't sell those up here normally! I temporarily suspend my soda jihad.

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