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From Twitter 08-13-2010

  • 00:38:11: All this time fuckign with AI, all these years, and Madden is STILL fucking susceptible to money plays.
  • 03:50:54: Two carries by Adrian Peterson in my game: 2 fumbles. Art imitates life!
  • 03:53:07: RT @BreakingNews: Russia says it will start up a reactor at Iran nuclear plant on Aug. 21 - Russian state media via Reuters (What the FUCK?)
  • 16:46:47: Sometimes, @whitlockjason pisses me off. It's amazing articles like this one that make me put up with it. http://bit.ly/dtOgOy
  • 17:27:41: This man is right, but there's only one problem: deadlines. They're a bitch. http://bit.ly/cKNL95
  • 17:28:17: Sometimes, it is not physically possible to finish a game and hit your deadline without getting killed by your editor. Example: DQIX.
  • 18:56:09: RT @BreakingNews: AVP spikes rest of professional beach volleyball tour season due to financial woes (The days of Sinjin Smith are dead. Sad
  • 19:54:38: Nice to see #NBA2K11 going all-out with the 80s stuff. So... any word on fixing any of the gameplay issues from last year?
  • 21:14:26: Is @BarackObamaLies a parody account or something? People don't actually think like this tosser... do they?
  • 21:25:02: I can only draw one draw one conclusion from this piece: Warren Spector reads Diehard GameFAN's S-4 columns! http://bit.ly/csFbnx
  • 21:58:16: I'm at the point where I am certain once Madden's review goes up that EA's going to take us off their rolodex.
  • 21:58:36: My only hope is that they wait until after they send us NHL '11 before not sending us anymore games. #pleasedonthatemymaddenhate
  • 23:56:32: Final tally: 4,846 words on Madden. Despite some serious hate for the off-field modes, it still got a decent score.

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