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From Twitter 08-14-2010

  • 01:41:15: Persona 4 players: is there a reason why, when I created one persona, that it was lit up differently? It was like... purple.
  • 06:18:02: Manchester City just signed Mario Balotelli? Are you fucking serious? #epl #fuckmanchester
  • 07:04:27: You know, for a team supposedly buying a championship, Man City is getting their collective arses handed to them by Spurs. #fuckcity
  • 07:05:49: Also, Joe Hart is sending a message today. It says "fuck you for not playing me in the World Cup".
  • 08:42:09: How the fuck did Spurs not take the points? Unreal.
  • 08:49:44: RT @textfiles: I must confess: watching Larry Ellison rape through Sun's various projects is like watching an old arcade I never visit a ...
  • 11:31:25: Of all the things that Sepp Blatter could have considered, THIS is the best he came up with!? http://es.pn/aEXj7P
  • 23:22:16: Dear Fairfield players: congrats on the LLWS! Dear Fairfield parents: they're kids. Back off 'em.

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