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From Twitter 08-15-2010

  • 01:19:29: Dear new president of my ref organization: get back to me ASAP, or I'm dumping your ass. Even if I have to swallow some pride to do so.
  • 05:13:49: I wish to interrupt your morning to let you know that Isanami-no-Okami is REALLY fucking tough. #persona4 #yikes #ididntbringdekunda
  • 05:59:58: After spending a total of 145 hours on my FIRST PLAYTHROUGH of Persona 4, I have to say... best $18 I've ever spent.
  • 07:36:00: Here's interesting news: my mother (waitress in Fairfield) called me to tell me that most of her customers from the LL game... are drunk.
  • 07:36:21: I guess 12 year olds winning a big baseball game is cause for everyone else to get shitfaced, eh? LOL
  • 08:53:39: RT @dmataconis: Breaking: Petraeus Blames Bush ! http://bit.ly/aMoOrf
  • 09:08:46: I don't know why, but I feel this irrational disgust deep inside my heart whenever I see Megyn Kelly. Same way I felt about Coulter.
  • 09:26:40: I think I found some motivation for an opinion piece... http://bit.ly/aXXjm3
  • 09:27:18: Only problem: I don't know how I can make my point without possibly harming a publisher relation. Might have to go to SBNet.
  • 09:30:24: Somewhat related to that link: AJ Glasser's kinda hot. #shot #aileenisgoingtohitme
  • 09:32:19: Also related: when did Gamepro get good? I'm reading some good commentary from them. That wasn't their MO in the past!
  • 09:35:46: Why am I reading this as a big "fuck you" to Fabio Capello? http://bbc.in/dcMcbf
  • 10:25:12: RT @stephensonmc: ESPN reporting that "Melo is taking time on his decision" -- well I'd hope so, you kind of have a season to play first...
  • 12:18:04: It's profound that I have become the "token old guy" on the basketball court. Though it feels good to demolish kids half my age. :P
  • 14:56:31: Once again, the Tea Parties dump their libertarian roots, and show who runs their show. http://bit.ly/cN8aG3
  • 14:59:57: Though I've disagreed with his politics, I've never before called Barack Obama a craven piece of shit. That's changed. http://bbc.in/9sKpxo
  • 15:22:10: How to do a final boss in a video game: the song for the final battle is 8 min. long. It played 4 times, and was on its 5th when I hit scene
  • 15:44:33: I just ousted Chriss S. as the mayor of Hunan Pan on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/9oaQhO
  • 15:44:34: I'm at Hunan Pan (303 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton). http://4sq.com/9oaQhO
  • 16:56:25: I'm at The Ice Cream Shoppe (59 Bridgeport Ave, John St, Shelton). http://4sq.com/cVTSAb
  • 17:00:08: Because it's 2010, and some places don't accept cards or have ATMs... (@ Shell) http://4sq.com/bHR2Yo
  • 17:12:00: Ice cream in your beard: not as fun as it sounds.
  • 17:44:35: Well... uh, Canada is still technically England's, so it's KINDA like winning Wimbledon... right? #andymurray http://es.pn/apeV7K
  • 19:27:01: Looking every week at the list of games that are ESRB rated tells me where this industry is going. Hint: it 'aint pretty.
  • 23:14:16: Review: Madden NFL ’11 (Microsoft Xbox 360): Madden NFL ’11 Developer: EA Tiburon Publisher: EA Sports Genre: Real... http://bit.ly/ag6OdC

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Aug. 16th, 2010 06:34 pm (UTC)
Because you know, they lost because of Capello.
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