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From Twitter 08-16-2010

  • 06:47:48: Yeah, yeah, Kane and Lynch comes out this week, fuck that, YS SEVEN YS SEVEN YS SEVEN!!!!
  • 07:32:47: Um... Mr. Strasberg? Would you like to go back in time a year to your own negotiations? http://es.pn/b3VSEu
  • 07:46:34: True story: I've never cared for the Smackdown vs. Raw games. Unless they start incorporating a better engine, I never will.
  • 07:47:42: Before anyone asks: a "better engine" is basically "put them in a Fire Pro game".
  • 07:50:32: You know what's weird? When you see a story, go "wow, that's new", and then go "wait a minute... I wrote that!"
  • 08:11:13: Writing up something on Electronic Arts's cavalier approach Medal of Honor. Think I have TWO opinion pieces for DHGF now.
  • 08:56:08: The comments to THIS piece should be interesting... http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/highschool/news/story?id=5467167
  • 09:05:43: It's 2010, and yet I'm embarrassed over something Blacken did on FESS. Hey, I wanted nostalgia...
  • 09:10:20: RT @Chupacaubrey: Great article about reviews of Scott Pilgrim the movie: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129150813
  • 09:29:45: RT @Jim_Sterling: Those twats who whined about Fat Princess are now whining because Penny Arcade dared say "rape" in a strip. Give me a ...
  • 10:06:13: Don't even fucking get me started on people taking last Wednesday's Penny Arcade strip out of context because of the "R" word. Jesus Christ.
  • 10:06:23: RT @arstechnica: We hear there's a Facebook "dislike" button scam going around. Careful what you click on, folks!
  • 10:08:22: RT @jdeloma: Click that Facebook 'dislike button' and you'll be sorry - http://bit.ly/cEF03b
  • 11:15:53: RT @dmataconis: RT: @CMDeB: Dems are trying to scare old people & minorities. GOP is trying to scare about anchor babies, mosques & gays ...
  • 11:44:58: I'm still confused. Is Alvin Greene a real, honest candidate for political office by the Democrats? Or is he a parody?
  • 13:02:07: News: Shitty music company will only show shitty music videos on shitty service VEVO instead of shitty MTV. http://bit.ly/9U3yIX
  • 13:12:25: On a day where I'm struggling desperately just to stay awake, pictorals like this get more of my attention. http://bit.ly/9FGYB2 #dirtyman
  • 13:15:57: RT @ThePajamaPundit: RT @GOP12: Santorum on Obama: "He's like the imam who doesn't give a damn" http://bit.ly/cBuUV5 || Geez. Are you fr ...
  • 14:37:30: Considering it's coming from a dishonest, lying coward like Harry Reid, this isn't surprising. http://bit.ly/b9gGlf
  • 14:51:17: "In other words, Reid is in the fight of his political life and he bowed to the will of majority. A profile in courage it ain’t." Well said.
  • 14:52:44: Udonis Haslem likes herb!? Oh my God! I never would have thought it!
  • 15:31:44: RT @hesster56: RT @billmaher Maybe if America had BUILT SOMETHING in the last 9 yrs at Ground 0 people wldn't be so touchy about the mos ...
  • 15:40:08: RT @BreakingNews: Officials say grizzly bear that mauled 3 people last month was stressed (No shit! A bear at a national park, stressed!)
  • 15:40:47: I hate to reference that talentless hack C. Mencia, but if people stopped treating these bears like they're Yogi, they wouldn't be mauled!
  • 15:52:49: I would give anything to hear someone, anytime someone compares the "Ground Zero Mosque" to Nazis, scream "GODWIN'S LAW!"
  • 16:53:00: RT @BreakingNews: Mets reliever Francisco Rodriguez will miss rest of season with injury from fracas with girlfriend's father (The FUCK...)
  • 17:03:28: My (somewhat brief) thoughts on EA's Medal of Honor decisions. http://bit.ly/9zFivV
  • 17:10:32: RT @OldHossRadbourn: The Mets can't void K. Rod's contract? Bah! Owners are soft. In my day you only needed a shovel and a shallow grave ...
  • 17:10:46: RT @dmataconis: Dear @NewtGingrich, you equated an entire religion with Nazi Germany. You disgust me, sir.
  • 17:17:56: Crap. Big typo in that Medal of Honor piece that changes a sentence context big-time. Try to find it (and non-gamers will like that piece)
  • 20:37:37: Dear people hating on the NFL Network. I get it with my package! And I don't even watch it. I don't even like football! Sorry!
  • 20:53:48: Well, THAT was fast... http://es.pn/93GW2a I think Larry Bird trades his ass ASAP. Even if it's to Panathanaikos.
  • 21:19:37: "Well, they have the RIGHT to build the mosque, you know, seeing as how they hate America" - When did the right get passive aggressive?
  • 21:20:08: To paraphrase David Cross, the far-right in America (and Harry Reid) sound like a disappointed rabbi.
  • 21:50:55: Seriously, whatever happened to Americans being brave and unafraid? "We can't have a mosque because it hurts my feelings!" Really?
  • 22:22:34: "Obamacare socialist nanny state"... wow. Now that's a tweet that gets to the point, fast. That was the first four words!
  • 22:43:48: I usually can't stand his punditry on Countdown, but on this comment, @KeithOlbermann knocked it out of the park. http://bit.ly/9RuY14
  • 23:12:47: For those criticizing Bryce Harper, well, if you were on a Sports Illustrated cover at 15, you would want to get paid, too.
  • 23:20:46: My preview of nail'd is up an-- OH SHIT AILEEN EDITED IT D: http://bit.ly/ayhIIn (XD)
  • 23:29:40: Hands-On Preview: nail’d: Back in May, Aileen wrote a preview on a very early build of nail’d which was being tout... http://bit.ly/d8EHE4
  • 23:40:17: Go Ron Paul! Jesus, I could fuck this old bag right now. http://bit.ly/9CBLHj

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