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From Twitter 08-18-2010

  • 11:23:25: I notice when people have review roundups of the new Kane and Lynch games, no one's mentioning the 1 Sterling gave it. Classy.
  • 11:43:58: "Is the guy with the face picture in P3 PSP getting his own game? WHAT IS ATLUS DOING TO US!?!?" We found out: http://bit.ly/cb1Geg
  • 12:13:01: Notice: according to Fox News' parent company, "pro business agenda" is OK, so long as it fights the "liberal agenda". http://bbc.in/buAyJn
  • 12:14:26: Today's lesson: Republican agenda, good! Liberal "agenda", bad! It's all in the tone in how you use it, and how stupid your viewers are!
  • 12:35:43: Add Linda McMahon to the list of people who think freedom of religion has a footnote. http://bit.ly/961J3V
  • 13:13:10: Derrek Lee to the Braves? Well, shit, there goes the NL East.
  • 14:34:59: Hey! Ron McNeil! What's this "we" shit? I'm not Christian! And I do not care to trod upon Islam, despite my grievances! http://bit.ly/9IhVS5
  • 14:36:43: What Ron McNeil and others like him are saying is that they are willing to impose Sharia Law on America to keep out Islam. #hypocracy
  • 14:57:47: OK, is the fucking Atlus site blocking non-Japanese IPs? What is it with these Japanese companies blocking access? It's constant.
  • 15:18:16: I've read four different sources who all have different days of release for both FIFA '11 and PES '11. You fuckers will print ANYTHING.
  • 15:18:53: One site even said that PES '11 would come out "the day after" FIFA '11. FIFA '11: Sept. 28. PES '11: Sept. 30. #badatmaths
  • 22:22:50: RT @dmataconis: I believe in free markets & free minds. I don't want you telling me how to spend my money, think, or live my life. Deal ...
  • 22:40:06: Has the NHL lost its collective mind? http://bit.ly/d5zhhy
  • 22:41:04: BREAKING NEWS: Some Guido hates Mafia II. http://bit.ly/adqPS4

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