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From Twitter 08-19-2010

  • 00:14:05: Reading old - really old - QC strips. Holy shit. The difference is astounding. I wish everyone cared about their art like @jephjacques.
  • 02:12:24: Turns out my decision not to run the PES release date story was a good one. Every source - including big sites - had it wrong. #badjournos
  • 02:18:48: I'm looking at my political positions from when I was 26. My inner libertarian wonders what I was thinking then. I wanted a windfall tax!
  • 07:58:07: What's great about the east coast: knowing I can, at will, recreate the shot from the cover of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan with Aileen.
  • 08:04:24: Uh oh. Looks like a PS3 hack is finally out in the open. I wonder what Sony will take away from us now.
  • 10:00:05: I not only knew the President wasn't a Muslim and was born in the USA, I knew he was Christian. Does that make me smart, or America dumb?
  • 10:00:48: Here's what I don't get: everyone calling him a Muslim forgets that last year, they were told to hate him because of REVERAND Wright.
  • 20:46:21: RT @stephensonmc: Please RT: @thqsvr11 is a fake account -- unless you hear it from @wwegames , it isn't true.
  • 20:46:54: RT @dmataconis: RT @FirstTeamTommy: I just unlocked the "I don't give a shit what religion President Obama is" badge on #fakefoursquare.
  • 21:32:09: Wow! @Psymin1 can kick some ass when he's motivated. I'm legitimately surprised. (Whoops)
  • 23:43:32: Sometimes in life, all a man really needs is a good blowjob. #fact

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