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From Twitter 08-20-2010

  • 00:42:43: Hate to break your hearts, liberals: we're not done with Iraq. Not in the slightest. We're going to occupy that country forever.
  • 01:57:09: Gamers: do you want summaries, or the most detailed sports game reviews on the internet? If it's the latter you want, check out DHGF.
  • 01:58:02: Monday, my Madden '11 review went up: http://bit.ly/ciWztK Just now? @Psymin1's 7,000 word opus on NCAA Footall '11: http://bit.ly/bt72J8
  • 02:02:26: RT @dailygamesnews: Yamauchi Moved Karting From GT6 Almost Never Made GT5 (Can we consider GT5 vaporware yet? - Bus)
  • 05:53:36: OK, fuckers. I haven't done this in awhile. It's time for a MASSIVE FOLLOW FRIDAY LIST. If this annoys you, unfollow me for a few hours.
  • 05:56:18: #ff @jlist - Awesome vendor of Japanese related goodies, adult and PG. Peter personally deals with his customers. Enjoyable businessman.
  • 05:58:15: #ff @twelveicings - She's a private account, but Liz has been one of my best friends for years. Just using the soapbox to say she's awesome~
  • 05:58:57: #ff @cnsteltenp - Crystal's been another friend for years. Check out @MercuryIceForums as well, if you like mingling on webforums.
  • 05:59:37: #ff @diehardgamefan - One of the two gaming related websites I write for. My reviews and features go here.
  • 06:01:36: #ff @hatsuyuki - Cammy is not only a close personal friend, she runs an outstanding Pokemon related site. Check out http://vdexproject.net/
  • 06:02:27: #ff - @lukekarrys - A great web designer, really knows his shit. Also one of the few reasonable people left in Arizona.
  • 06:03:20: #ff @TheRealBell - Another web designer, this one currently in Wisconsin. Knows the Web, knows politics, even knows sports!
  • 06:04:06: #ff @ValleyIndy - The preeminent source of news for the Lower Naugatuck Valley. The only place I go for local news.
  • 06:08:00: #ff @ryanaraine - One of the best network security writers on the internet. Works for Kapersky, also writes at ZDNet. Sadly, a Yankees fan.
  • 06:08:52: #ff @mrdatahs - Another ZDNet writer, Christopher focuses on the educational side of IT. His work is fascinating in how IT affects schools.
  • 06:10:53: #ff @hesster56 - One of my fellow writers at DHGF. Also works in the cell phone industry, and knows it back and forth.
  • 06:12:09: #ff @chuckjaywalk - Another DHGF writer. Somehow managed to turn a Chuck E. Cheese game review into something classic. http://bit.ly/awa0ih
  • 06:13:05: #ff @jdeloma and @jamiedeloma - Writer for the post, also teaches at Quinnipiac. The standard of what a news reporter should be.
  • 06:14:02: #ff @raywashere - Another web developer, only this one's local and I know him personally! Also an ice hockey referee.
  • 06:15:00: #ff @burning_phoneix - Fellow DHGF staffer, only I hired this one. Friend of mine, temporarily stuck in New Zealand for the time being.
  • 06:16:10: #ff @mozactly - The other reporter for the Valley Independent Sentinel. Does great work with local issues.
  • 06:18:14: #ff @JVB - Runs the Post Game Report gaming related podcast. One of the coolest dudes in the industry, he's everywhere lately.
  • 06:19:38: #ff @ErikaS981 - Local chick, known her since high school. She's starting her own business soon, wish her luck!
  • 06:20:21: #ff @HeroicSuperman - Another Post Game Report guy who knows what he's talking about. Just moved to Maryland with family, congratulate him!
  • 06:21:01: #ff @DanaTaggart - One of the most honest, principled Libertarians I've ever seen, yet keeps things reasonable. Excellent to debate with.
  • 06:21:47: #ff @Psymin1 - Another DHGF writer I hired. Loves sports games and acting. Check out his NCAA '11 review, seriously. http://bit.ly/bt72J8
  • 06:25:38: #ff @DHGFAileen - The "public" account of Aileen Coe, DHGF writer, editor, and saint. She sleeps with and puts up with me, she's a saint.
  • 06:27:03: #ff @dekunda - Awesome friend of mine, loves to talk sporadically about video games. Want to have fun? Get her going about SMT, and sit back
  • 06:27:54: #ff @Locs_n_Laughs - One of the most reasoned, intelligent opinion writers on ESPN. HOW is this man not more famous?
  • 06:28:56: #ff @thestolenfork - A local cat, really knows her local restaurants. Also a bird lover, and recent college grad.
  • 06:29:42: #ff @SPBowley - Does amazing work with @connpost about high school sports. No one - repeat, no one - knows the local HS scene like Sean.
  • 06:31:01: #ff @CDemerjian - Writes about CPUs and GPUs at semiaccurate.com. One of the few people I cite as a model for my own writing.
  • 06:32:03: #ff @dmataconis - Lawyer from the DC area, one of the preeminent libertarian commentators on the 'net. Most of my views line up with his.
  • 06:32:40: #ff @stephensonmc - Producer for Smackdown vs. Raw '11. One of the most passionate people you'll talk to in this industry.
  • 06:34:18: #ff @jperlow - Writes the Tech Broiler blog, one of the three ZDNet blogs I actually keep in RSS. Also a big-time foodie.
  • 06:35:05: #ff @BigSamTweets - Close personal friend of mine, and an outstanding writer. One of the few who can write both fiction and non-fiction well
  • 06:35:39: #ff @shizuoya - Another personal friend from my FESS days, all around awesome. It's fun to get her going about the Tales game series.
  • 06:37:28: #ff @warbiany - Owner and writer of @libertypapers, an outstanding libertarian site with anarchist leanings. Great at what he does.
  • 06:38:24: #ff @the_pc_doc - Writes the Hardware blog at ZDNet, another one I keep in RSS. My first source for commentary on the IT world.
  • 06:39:11: #ff @TheGoalieGuild - Independent goalie scout and teacher. You will not find someone who can talk goaltending like this man. He *KNOWS* it.
  • 06:39:56: #ff @emuparadise - Not just a ROM site, these guys provide other amazing things such as old strategy guides and the like. Great resource.
  • 06:42:46: #ff @Chupacaubrey - PR director at Southpeak. Hilarious, honest, and respects honesty as well (hard to find in PR). Pleasure to work with.
  • 06:43:39: #ff @bberg19 - Former DHGF writer, runs @TheRivalry. Passionate sports fan, dedicated family man.
  • 06:44:19: #ff @T_DaSilva - Writes about games for Kombo. Connecticut based games writers, represent!
  • 06:45:08: #ff @DHGFMarkB - DHGF's Senior Editor, does great work. Especially check out Playing The Lame.
  • 06:45:54: #ff @dailygamesnews - The other site I write for, with the focus on daily news. Make sure to add us to RSS, we're your one stop news site.
  • 06:46:18: And... that's it! I'm done! You can all follow me again. :P
  • 06:50:22: Dude! Someone put me on a "Delusional Commie Liberal" list! I'm almost honoured! <3 #idontthinkitmeanswhatyouthinkitmeans
  • 08:57:29: RT @GIBiz: Ed Balls urges rethink on industry tax breaks (*I* said this yesterday, and I'M living in AMERICA! - Bus)
  • 12:50:07: I'm at Johnny's Restaurant & Diner (170 Post Road, near Shoreham Terrace, Fairfield). http://4sq.com/aeF9Hf
  • 14:15:16: Stuff it, Barnes and Noble! (@ Books By the Falls) http://4sq.com/a8LjhS
  • 15:43:59: Not only did I clean the fuck up at the used book store - 5 books for $10, including 2 classics - I got Ys IV. Good day!
  • 16:10:36: #FridayReads Confessions of a Yakuza.

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