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From Twitter 08-22-2010

  • 01:30:48: Bob Dylan proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you do not need to be a good singer - at all - to become a legend.
  • 02:46:13: I just had two all-stat level-ups in one stage. I BETTER not have a casualty. #fireemblem #newmonshou
  • 06:51:25: It's weird to read about your past deployments from your old ship on Wikipedia. It's like, none of that was stuff I cared about at the time
  • 06:51:49: Everyone kinda forgets that when it comes down to it, sailors and soldiers usually only think of the minutia of their situations.
  • 08:00:16: Figures, the GW did all the cool shit AFTER I left the ship. They went to Yokosuka! And Rio de Janero! The best I did was Corfu, Greece. :(
  • 08:00:45: Then again, during that same time period, the AC+R shop blew up because of an idiot smoking. I'd have been fighting that one, so fuck that.
  • 08:55:41: ... I just had hours worth of work for DHGF eaten by my BROWSER. Google Chrome, you are upsetting me.
  • 22:23:17: RT @WhitlockJason: I'm sorry but I love Brett Favre! The dude is an original. He's flawed. He's real. His passion is real. I blame Madde ...

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