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From Twitter 08-23-2010

  • 02:41:27: RT @GIBiz: Sony looking at Online Pass equivalent for first-party titles http://bit.ly/aLsyeU (Bullshit! They're doing it on the PSP! - Bus)
  • 10:12:08: Dear Cory Ledesma: You have a lot of nerve to insult your customers when your company hasn't done a unique wrestling game since like '05.
  • 11:42:52: I feel the need to apologize to @stephensonmc in advance for the absolute shit-kicking I'm about to give his company and his game.
  • 13:29:10: Every time I see someone I dated in high school, I feel relief that I didn't end up marrying them. My GOD. Talk about dodging bullets.
  • 13:32:15: Dear Britain: This is why Activision charges £55 for their games. Because you are stupid enough to buy them. http://bit.ly/bjIGAl
  • 13:36:17: RT @DHGFAileen: RT @diehardgamefan: Hands-On Preview: Two Worlds II http://bit.ly/diGl4N (Also, @Chupacaubrey appears in it as a lady of ...
  • 13:47:46: My thoughts on this prioritized ISP data crap going on in the UK: http://bit.ly/9v8Tnj
  • 23:49:46: MLB The Show is an amazing game. I never feel so equally stressed, frustrated, relieved and absolutely absorbed in any other sports game.
  • 23:50:49: I literally have to prepare for my play sessions when I'm in the playoffs. Like I'm getting ready to ref or play a big game for real.

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