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From Twitter 08-24-2010

  • 00:26:04: RT @jamiedeloma: Scary: Four months from today is Christmas Eve. Where did the year go?
  • 00:46:52: Good job by @DaleNorth of warning people who might be dumb enough to buy the PS3 modchip. http://bit.ly/9G6sXt
  • 00:51:17: News: Victor Ireland, the only publisher who gives a shit about the VC, is blinkered by Nintendo's thinking on the VC. http://bit.ly/9SUxTx
  • 03:54:21: I favorited a YouTube video -- Toto - Hold the line (High Quality) - With Lyrics http://youtu.be/kfzUv09nIH4?a
  • 06:01:42: For those wondering why I was arguing so much about THQ and Project Ten Dollar yesterday... here's why. http://bit.ly/bmKfOJ
  • 06:06:38: I haven't seen anything as stupid as the talks to force cell phone makers to include FM tuners in their phones. There's so much wrong here.
  • 06:07:49: What's ironic is that these companies who refuse net neutrality as government dogma are OK with govt. forcing cell makers' hands on tuners.
  • 06:08:50: It's naked, stupid hypocracy, and I am shocked that no one without a direct stake in this race is calling the RIAA and radio lobbies on this
  • 08:53:52: So Johnny Damon might go back to the Red Sox! Don't believe the "I like it here in Detroit" schtick. He's going back. He's a hypocrite.
  • 08:54:26: I'm surprised Boston's fans are accepting him back so quickly. Guys, it's too soon to be desperate for another ring. Five year rule!
  • 10:51:48: RT @arstechnica: George Lucas uses power of the (legal) force on Jedi Mind (The rap group Jedi Mind Tricks better watch out! - Bus)
  • 12:49:16: I can't use the alt keys to type the pound symbol in MS Word? Are you serious, Microsoft? Do I need to buy a language pack for that? #idiots
  • 12:59:08: Can I find ONE word processing programme that doesn't suck a bag of dicks out of the box? Please?
  • 13:02:30: OK, Questionable Content has put this burning question in my head: name your favourite Toto song. Go. (Mine: Hold The Line, Africa is 2nd)
  • 13:45:05: I can't WAIT for Lucard's commentary about THIS load of bollocks. http://bit.ly/cwECPI #playstationplus
  • 15:13:16: I'm at Port Coffee House (2889 Fairfield Avenue, Black Rock). http://4sq.com/dsMysN
  • 16:55:36: Outstanding blog by MMChris (great guy, met him in NYC) at Operation Sports on customization in sports games. http://bit.ly/c4fVZP
  • 16:57:53: Wow. I'm actually surprised that Johnny Damon nixed the Red Sox deal. It's the first honest thing he's done that I can remember.
  • 20:03:54: Hey, I recognise a few of these Fairfield kids from hockey. There's a few Wizards out here.
  • 20:06:43: ... These kids are 12? Where is this defence coming from? #llws
  • 20:08:02: Hey, Joe Biden! You're right. I don't want to go back to Bush's economic policies. But I don't want yours, either. #youbothsuck
  • 20:42:42: What's fun is that my mother waits on the majority of the Fairfield team at Johnny's. "He's bacon, egg + cheese!" "He's chocolate pancakes"
  • 20:44:22: I hate the LLWS because it exploits kids, but you know what? I'm behind the Fairfield team. We know too many of these kids.
  • 20:52:19: Imagine if Mariano Rivera could fucking jack the ball. That's what just happened. #llws #gameover
  • 20:56:05: Jesus, the pitcher got cranked in the back with a line drive, and is just fine. Kid's a fuckin' baller.
  • 21:18:36: RT @SPBowley: Nice ride, Fairfield. #LLWS
  • 21:28:40: JP Ricciardi is on ESPN? They actually treat him as an expert? Wow. The office meetings between him and Keith Law must be awkward.
  • 22:45:19: Wow. This Phillies game has just gone bananas.
  • 22:47:16: And Left Fielder Roy Oswalt just made the out. Jesus. THIS is why we watch baseball.
  • 23:54:39: There's something wrong with this picture. http://yfrog.com/6wakvbj

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