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From Twitter 08-25-2010

  • 09:33:58: OK. Time to start the most ambitious review I've ever done. #fireemblem
  • 09:38:28: ... but first, the news. I really should just take a couple days off from DGN to catch up on DHGF stuff.
  • 10:07:27: Holy shit! I never realized just how good Johnny Damon's numbers were. @buster_ESPN pointed out some startling facts.
  • 10:08:47: RT @ryanaraine: funny how sox fans laughed at yanks giving damon $52M for four years. a year after that deal expired, they whine the he ...
  • 10:11:00: RT @dmataconis: RT: @JazzShaw: @JoeGandelman @dmataconis You have to admit, Obama is creating jobs. They're just mostly for GOP politica ...
  • 10:26:59: Just about every games console ever, with a German/Euro lean: http://bit.ly/6wMeoW Note the difference in amount of older and newer consoles
  • 10:30:23: There's one console on that list that was put out by a coffee maker in the 80s. But nowadays, the price of entry is too extreme.
  • 10:37:17: RT @gorrie: Time's 50 Best Websites of 2010 article is a strange collection of dogs, old sites, and under performing startups. http://bi ...
  • 11:21:36: On Two Worlds II: I don't want a game that breaks genre conventions. I just want a game in the genre that's good. This might be it, though!
  • 11:29:10: What? Windows 95 anniversary? That's nice. I think I'll celebrate by firing up my Macintosh OS/6 emulator. #fuckwindows
  • 12:27:15: RT @bberg19: I'm sorry, but if the NY Post is the only source for this supposed Revis deal, I will continue to assume a deal is not immi ...
  • 12:50:54: The new Wikileaks leak is out! And it is... absolutely nothing of note! "Other people may perceive us as terrorists! Film at 11."
  • 12:54:50: I wonder what would happen if we switched modern day Gov. Schwarzenegger with '70s Gov. Reagan. I feel results would be similar both ways
  • 12:59:45: RT @BreakingNews: U.S. official acknowledges WikiLeaks document is legitimate CIA memo, telling NBC News: 'This is not exactly a blockbu ...
  • 17:00:11: It's a shame that Take Two lost this domain squatting case. This just proves how little judges know about the internet. http://bit.ly/9GtqYd
  • 17:00:45: I have to question who Take Two had arguing for them. Any IT guy could have won that case.
  • 17:05:28: Underrated album: Louder Than Bombs, by The Smiths. A lot of B-sides, but great work altogether for an album with no structure.
  • 17:10:14: So the former head of the RNC is gay. Well, 'aint that a bitch. Maybe now, he can undo some of the damage his silence has caused.
  • 17:10:20: RT @dmataconis: RT @jaseliberty: GOP heads will explode in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 http://is.gd/eDExy
  • 17:13:24: Dilemma: I want to try Hunan Pavilion, but I do not feel like driving into Black Rock, Fairfield. That place is a nightmare to drive into.
  • 17:15:10: Japanese restaurant reviews are frustrating. Sushi! Sushi! Sushi! Don't you fuckers EVER deviate? And no, going to sashimi doesn't count.
  • 17:17:19: Either way, after running in the rain, nothing's happening without a shower. #peeyew
  • 18:22:13: I expect my grandbell.net email box to blow up in about five minutes. I've made controversial (read: normal) statements on LJ! Expect wank!
  • 18:39:10: RT @Coach_D_AntNOTi: Rajon Rondo "withdrew" from Team USA the way foreskin withdraws from a penis during circumcision. #yougotcutmotherf ...
  • 19:52:42: I'm at Lucarelli's (656 New Haven Avenue, Sodom Lane, Derby). http://4sq.com/axc0lW

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Aug. 26th, 2010 01:13 pm (UTC)
I'd really like to take a look at your Fire Emblem review before it goes live, be it here or via DHGF's WordPress. Just so you know. ^_^
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