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From Twitter 08-26-2010

  • 05:33:15: I like any game that begins with a Charles Darwin quote about evolution. Good work, @TaitoCorp, on Infinity Gene!
  • 07:26:28: No, Facebook! I do NOT want to chat with my Facebook friends via AIM! That is the LAST thing I want! My AIM is private for a reason!
  • 07:31:01: Keep your coffee. There's nothing better than starting my mornings with tea with honey. AND HONEY IS NOT "WEAKSAUCE" @samarecarm >:{
  • 07:41:10: RT @Locs_n_Laughs: My boy Scoop has written 1 of the best pieces about ball in the city I've ever read. Just real on so many levels .. ...
  • 07:58:00: For those of you who criticize professional athletes for their money, consider the plight of NFL players. http://es.pn/ddfAPR
  • 07:58:27: Yes, they're rich. It seems like sour grapes. But these contracts are non-guaranteed, and this is the most brutal sport short of boxing.
  • 07:59:15: Remember what NFL players have to look forward to post career - from dementia to hip replacements - and you will understand Darrelle Revis.
  • 11:55:36: RT @dmataconis: You Have Got To Be Fucking Kidding Me http://bit.ly/cCk9E5 (Just think: it's possible she'll live in the White House!)
  • 12:06:01: RT @JazzShaw: Note from TV By the Numbers... every episode of Jersey Shore beats ratings of all Science Channel shows by 1000%. Way to g ...
  • 12:14:59: Excellent ESPN article about UCONN's Randy Edsall. I hate UCONN, but this is a great read. http://es.pn/cVHSEx
  • 14:29:40: RT @stephensonmc: WWE Legends of WrestleMania could have been so good... :( (QFT. I had such high hopes...)
  • 20:05:45: RT @_L_Jay_: Between SN One, MLB.TV blackouts, & MiLB US-only broadcasts, I am so sick of no one wanting my f*cking money to watch/liste ...
  • 20:13:33: You know what game is amazing even all this time later? Doom. Transcendent game. Too bad John Romero is such a piece of shit.
  • 20:39:13: Dear baseball media: the biggest story of the entire season was broken by Deadspin while you guys slept. Hang your fucking heads in shame.
  • 20:43:55: I'm 30. Yet after sprints (on asphalt, yeah I'm dumb), I look like I'm about 70. I can't walk, and I'm in pain. Is this what old feels like?
  • 21:14:11: Hey Conservative fuckwads! Still think Jimmy Carter is the worst person in history?
  • 21:42:34: Macauley Culkin's not dead yet?
  • 22:57:22: Video games have been doing pinball for years, with modern physics technology. So why are they all inferior to the NES game Pinbot?

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