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From Twitter 08-27-2010

  • 08:46:39: So JD Hayworth is still a scumbag. Film at 11.
  • 08:54:06: What a shock. Carly Fiorina opposes network neutrality. http://politi.co/aFv08w
  • 09:10:26: House Republicans: We will be spiteful, vengeful winners, and we will waste your tax money on witch hunts. http://politi.co/aTMooU
  • 09:53:51: RT @SexCigarsBooze: I've been thinking… http://twitpic.com/2inhh1
  • 10:47:37: So some loser put up an ad for a "nerd orgy" at PAX. And he was shocked that everyone that applied was male! Who'da thunk it! #sausagefest
  • 10:50:41: You guys keep your little sausagefest PAX party. I'll keep on sleeping with my hot, intelligent, gamerchick fiancee. #imbetterthanyou
  • 14:26:48: Dear Libertarian Party: If you accept Lisa Murkowski and put her on the ballot, I will leave the party and take my money with me. #warning
  • 15:30:48: Even I'm devastated for Strasberg, but I need to remind people: Tommy John surgery has become routine. Look at Chris Carpenter's recovery.
  • 15:31:26: What Strasberg WILL need to do is fix his mechanics. That FUCKING inverted M thing he does with his arm is what did Mark Prior in.
  • 15:32:04: These mechanics are a blessing and a curse. It helps him get tension for his pitches, but also creates an immense amount of strain.
  • 15:34:11: At no point in a pitcher's delivery should his elbow be above either his pitching hand or his shoulder. Look at the examples of inverted W.
  • 15:37:56: Mark Prior. Stephen Strasberg. Anthony Reyes. Joel Zumaya. Carlos Marmol. Of those, only Marmol has avoided serious injury issues.
  • 15:38:46: I'm 100% with Chris O'Leary on this piece, called "Death to the Inverted W". It should be required reading. http://bit.ly/a1nepS
  • 15:44:11: ... And that fucker's fast. Chris O'Leary already has a detailed analysis of Strasberg. http://bit.ly/aUBj5m
  • 17:14:16: Demo impressions for NHL '11 are queued for DHGF. I think I just lost our chance of getting this one for review.
  • 19:14:54: I'm at Karaku. http://4sq.com/aSh4Kj
  • 19:18:12: 95% of the people closest to me are out of state. It really makes eating out lonely at times.
  • 19:52:15: ... Well. I have one glass of wine in six years, and it's doing a fair number on me. #tipsytweets
  • 19:59:46: ... What the fuck is in that wine? #drunkentweets

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