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From Twitter 08-28-2010

  • 05:45:02: Need something to play? Check out @emuparadise and their Retro Game of the Day feature. It's great!
  • 05:49:01: RT @Buster_ESPN: BTW: Why the blame game aimed at the Nationals? They protected Strasburg at every step, but there is a reality about pi ...
  • 05:51:10: RT @LibertarianMike: If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all. -- Noam Chomsky ...
  • 09:34:08: My demo impressions on NHL '11 will go up on DHGF on Thursday. In the meantime, check out what's in store Monday: a new feature column!
  • 09:37:57: Oh shit... family coming today, and I have to be up super early tomorrow. I'm not going to make the NYC Mafia II party...
  • 09:56:00: No sports game makes me think as much, and is as rewarding, as MLB The Show. Game 5 of the ALCS, I rolled the dice, and am rewarded so far.
  • 09:56:48: So can we call Beckstock the Million Cracker March?
  • 10:06:34: And as soon as I say that about "being rewarded", my guy starts to get lit up. #mlbtheshow
  • 11:53:03: RT @hesster56: RT @dolcesride RT @cynthiaboaz If Glenn Beck doesn't speak for you either, keep RTing this.
  • 12:21:18: RT @WAGNERGIRLE: Fourth Amendment be damned: Private property rights apparently mean nothing anymore http://bit.ly/cho65J via @AddToAny
  • 12:49:45: RT @stephensonmc: Please RT: @CoryLedesma is a FAKE Twitter account -- c'mon guys, really? Really?
  • 13:26:23: RT @OldHossRadbourn: This A. Chapman is a marvel! He can throw 105 MPH. He is also very good at abandoning his girl friend and unborn ch ...
  • 14:23:51: RT @dmataconis: I'm no Beck fan but I am puzzled why people are bothered by him speaking today and not by that race hustler and fraud Al ...
  • 19:46:27: I can't wait to see what the Klitschko brothers would do to this fucking pinata. #kimboslice http://es.pn/d7m78z
  • 20:30:47: You know, in hindsight? Trying to write up a major column after a glass and a half of wine... not my smartest decision. #lightweight
  • 22:04:21: Who'da thunk. I'm better at Fire Emblem while drunk than I am while sober.

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