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From Twitter 08-30-2010

  • 00:58:20: Diehard GameFAN Hall of Fame Nomination: Disgaea: Every week, we will present a new game to be nominated for the D... http://bit.ly/bP9EpT
  • 08:56:10: RT @diehardgamefan: Our debut Hall of Fame column is up, for Disgaea. Let us know what you think! We debut the Hall of Shame on Friday!
  • 08:59:57: Check out my analysis of PS Jailbreak, the court decision, and how it would work in the US and UK. Nailed this one. http://bit.ly/ag86bI
  • 11:41:50: So Xbox Live Gold costs more now. That's just beautiful. Make it 100% mandatory to do my job, then charge more. I might stop doing 360 games
  • 11:59:24: RT @tech_gaming: With all the local only co-op games (Scott Pilgrim, Shank, LC for now) these days, I've been learning to live without ' ...
  • 12:01:18: Look, Microsoft: this attitude is why all independent game sites are marginalizing Xbox in favour of other systems. This won't help.
  • 12:02:15: I'm aware corporate owned whores like IGN and Gamespot are still in your advertising thrall, but they're becoming more antiquated by the day
  • 12:02:59: Though I must admit: its going to be fun to see how your fanboy defenders justify this mess.
  • 12:23:25: So on October 1st, Xbox Live Gold costs more, and Atlus ceases to exist as a company. I hearby dub Oct. 1 Gaming's Black Friday.
  • 13:31:11: RT @BlackAdam52: The only negative about the Xbox live increase. Rage quitting racist homophobes have money too.
  • 13:52:10: Alright, the time has come to write my article about Gold. I'll try to remain calm!
  • 16:39:23: Awesome pictoral by Kotaku with just about every relevant light gun in videogame history. http://bit.ly/9xgBDs
  • 16:53:51: I have to admit: this is the best way to advertise HAWX 2 that I've ever seen. http://bit.ly/bVhfaP
  • 17:21:11: RT @the_pc_doc: Never seen this in a spam email before http://twitpic.com/2js1js
  • 21:17:04: My fiancee was going to get me spork-shaped chopsticks. >:-/
  • 21:23:17: As I said on DGN (going up tomorrow): the move by Index on Atlus was mainly for cell phone development reasons. http://bit.ly/a52rwo
  • 21:30:35: RT @JVB: HELL YEAH! RT @Pete_NYC: Any good? http://yfrog.com/5ef0fkj (Amazing game, but be wary of bugs - Bus)
  • 21:53:01: You know what's ironic? Microsoft announcing the rise in XBL has done one weird thing: it's jacked the prices of XBL cards past $50.
  • 21:59:38: Impulse purchase: Samurai Legend Musashi for $5. Could be a steal, but considering it's '05 Squeenix and Nomura's involed, I doubt it.
  • 22:49:36: Playing Ace Combat: Skies of Destruction to get ready for the new game. Enough of that, time for baseball.
  • 23:06:32: I favorited a YouTube video -- Moving In Stereo http://youtu.be/UIRspO7zVF8?a

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