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From Twitter 08-31-2010

  • 08:33:25: For those wondering, here's my take on Atlus's dissolving. http://bit.ly/bvL2Vu
  • 08:58:06: Comedy is absurdity sprinkled with truth. But this article is indicative of 80% of our country, on both sides. http://onion.com/cPXxKs
  • 09:50:22: Oh for fuck's sake... (via @warbiany) http://bit.ly/duPl0U
  • 10:15:53: The new Yakuza demo is up and downloadable for transfer. Hey @myeager, if you can stumble through the moonspeak, you're good to go!
  • 10:29:36: You know who's an underrated band? Kansas. Their older stuff is genius, though they got synth heavy in the later 80s.
  • 10:32:15: As my regular readers can guess, I'm not enamoured by the new prices for Live Gold. Details abound: http://bit.ly/9OGVjL
  • 10:40:55: There are times when writing about games gets fun. Saying things like "EA is going to fucking bury Tim Langdell"? One of those times!
  • 11:09:26: RT @BreakingNews: Brazil striker Robinho leaves Manchester City to join AC Milan, Italian club says - Reuters (#mancityfail - Bus)
  • 12:05:46: RT @WhitlockJason: Damn, a monthlong suspension for Mike Wise (fake Roethlisberger tweet) seems really rough. Really rough.
  • 12:06:40: RT @motherpucker: One more week until NHL 11 drops! Woo!!! (Can't wait, even if my coming demo impressions are... mixed - Bus)
  • 12:08:34: I've said it before, I'll say it again: switching from soda to tea is the second best decision I ever made in my life.
  • 12:15:29: RT @justinrmegahan: @WhitlockJason Lets take this all in. R-Berger raped some1 (allegedly) & will get 4 wks. Wise makes idiotic tweet ab ...
  • 12:47:43: Ever write a review knowing you're going to get mercilessly flamed by fanbrats? That's what my Fire Emblem review is like.
  • 12:50:15: What's ironic is that all of the people that are going to say I don't know what I'm talking about don't know have a clue who I am. :D
  • 13:36:53: RT @NISAmerica: Disgaea goes to Hall of Fame on Diehard GameFAN! Check it out! http://bit.ly/cFGPEM
  • 15:45:15: RT @diehardgamefan: We are aware of the malware messages that our site is giving off, and are working to rectify the problem ASAP. We si ...
  • 15:45:35: So, uh... how do I make a post in a Facebook community that I administrate? Just make it to the wall? :(
  • 16:44:27: I notice the new Metacritic "summary" setup is specifically intended to highlight the "bigger" sites. Yet more corporate clusterfuckery.
  • 17:03:51: My thoughts on UNICO claiming "victory" against... what, exactly? With a bonus Baghdad Bob reference! http://bit.ly/9UsiFj
  • 19:07:52: Another great opinion on the UNICO "victory", by Sarcastic Gamer. http://bit.ly/c13RbA
  • 19:09:52: RT @BreakingNews: Obama tells nation 'we need to rebuild our nation here at home' (Awesome! Let's start at the top! - Bus)
  • 19:11:20: Dear Microsoft: a revised D-pad is not worth an extra $15. Go fuck yourselves. PS: Bring back the wired controller.
  • 19:14:38: Again with the Roger Ebert bullshit? Guys. Stop feeding this beast. http://bit.ly/aTCAh6
  • 19:21:37: I notice that every single game coming to XBLA is $15 now. Thanks, Jonathan Blow!
  • 19:22:20: (I say that last tweet ironically; Braid and Limbo are about the only two I can think of worth the full monty)
  • 19:25:04: My quickie review of Ace Combat: Joint Assault: It's Skies of Deception 1.5. Good enough game, but wait for a price slash.
  • 19:27:15: If Lisa Murkowski was really going to run as a Libertarian despite being a moderate Republican, she should never be an elected official ever
  • 19:52:00: Love Press++? Seriously? How sad do you have to be to massage your Wii Balance Board? http://bit.ly/c7tHXD
  • 19:59:11: Oooh, I can see @Lorekky liking this! http://bit.ly/bYkWEn
  • 20:32:53: Let's just say I disagree with Alain Corre (of Ubisoft) about their stance on AAA titles. http://bit.ly/cOmycU
  • 20:42:17: Oh, what the fuck. Still fucking with Plaxico Burress, NY State? Gotta keep your trophy negro on the wall, eh? http://es.pn/cPWFov
  • 21:20:30: So the new SaGa title is a remake of Final Fantasy Legend 3/SaGa 3. Really!? FAP! FAP! EVERYBODY FAP!!! http://bit.ly/9hrO0v #fap
  • 22:21:06: Congrats on adding Facebook and Twitter integration, Livejournal! You're only two years behind the curve! Well done!

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