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From Twitter 09-01-2010

  • 09:48:35: I have a slightly different take on Akitoshi Watasu's comments. I wonder if @BigSamTweets agrees with me. http://bit.ly/cGEf5g
  • 09:59:49: RT @TheBadDudes: RT @Christosgage ...if you illegally download a comic, especially a low or mid seller, you are voting for it to END. Th ...
  • 14:53:05: RT @KeithOlbermann: RT @baseballchickie Discovery hostage situation? and NOBODY can go to #FoxNews and take Glenn Beck?? //No, no, no. N ...
  • 14:57:17: I'm at The Meeting Place (716 Derby Ave, CT Route 8, Seymour). http://4sq.com/a1SKfd
  • 16:59:59: I notice, in reading comments about Medal of Honor, that civilians seem to be more against the game than military personnel.
  • 17:01:59: Dear newspapers: you either include Wikileaks in the shield law, or you lose the law. No exceptions. You pathetic cowards.
  • 17:12:09: This bitch is GANGSTA. http://bit.ly/dfI9KD I have to cheer for her. I really do.
  • 19:50:42: You know what? Having a burger + fries, then playing a 16 year old in basketball is not one of my finer moments. #eugh #notfeelinggood
  • 20:10:45: Maybe San Jose thinks Antti Neimi can play forward. There's nowhere for him to really play goal...
  • 20:12:14: You all see "Rob Dibble is an asshole". I see "teams only want good soldiers doing TV, and bravo to Rob Dibble" http://es.pn/afm8GB
  • 20:14:13: I know @TheGoalieGuild loves the Niemi signing, but I don't see it. There's only 82 games for three (four?) goalies on one-way contracts.
  • 20:15:16: Unless they're planning on a rotation of about 27 games each for Niemi, Nitty and Greiss, this was a silly signing.
  • 20:24:12: RT @HeroicSuperman: Getting ready to record episode 116 of the @PostGameReport... (We're gonna rock it on this one - Bus)
  • 20:34:40: I'll be a guest on the @PostGameReport... once @JVB picks up on Skype. ;)
  • 22:45:27: Just got done with the AWESOME @PostGameReport! This is going to be an outstanding podcast. Can't wait to do another.
  • 22:56:07: PGR was the good news. The bad news is that I am now officially out of sake. :(
  • 22:59:41: RT @HeroicSuperman: We just finished ep.116 of @PostGameReport and WOW what a show. I can't wait to hear the finish product, also thanks ...
  • 23:23:56: My demo impressions of NHL '11 are up. I think I was fair, but tough here. http://bit.ly/cvxzHu
  • 23:27:04: Alright, iTunes 10. Don't suck dick.
  • 23:36:12: OK, so can we please stop pretending Andy Roddick is a top-flight player now?
  • 23:54:30: Ping only lets you list bands that Apple has friendly deals with (ie: can't list Bob Segar). Therefore, Ping automatically fails.
  • 23:58:39: Demo Impressions: NHL ’11: Chris Bowen, our resident hockey expert, has had some time to play around with the NHL ... http://bit.ly/c1ONs9

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