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From Twitter 09-02-2010

  • 00:08:31: Holy shit! I never realized how awesome Gun-Nac (NES shmup) was! It's 2010, what the fuck took me so long!?
  • 00:10:44: Aha! Gun-Nac is a Compile game. Same company as Alient Crush (PCE), Guardian Legend, Aleste (MSX), Puyo Puyo... legends!
  • 11:22:53: With Twitter mandating OAuth, @arstechnica and @segphault pick a good time to explain why this is a BAD thing. http://bit.ly/9lb3Xo
  • 11:25:36: Another oil rig blew up. But this is a totally safe way to gain fuel! Absolutely safe, right Republicans?
  • 11:44:19: This clip (thanks, @raywashere) shows why we shouldn't have teams hiring announcers. Note the differences. http://bit.ly/90xDXU
  • 11:44:53: Marlins announcers: "Niger Morgan should be banned for life! Fuck that asshole!" Nats guys: "GO NIGER MORGAN! GET THOSE FUCKERS!"
  • 11:45:10: I guess my only question at this point about the Morgan/Volstad brawl: What would Rob Dibble say?
  • 11:53:11: And it appears I misspelled "Nyjer" Morgan. THat's gonna get me some hateful mentions.
  • 12:07:23: Another one for "WTF Japan". All I can say is... boob chocolates for a character that looks about 11? Really? http://bit.ly/crQNH8
  • 13:06:12: Hey! Nice to see Ace Combat: Joint Assault has escort missions! Because what's a combat game without really annoying escort missions?
  • 14:37:50: Exceptional amount of work today. Daikatana piece due tonight, Fire Emblem, I'm stuck in Ace Combat, AND I have to edit. #fuck
  • 17:34:11: RT @diehardgamefan: As a compendium to Kotaku's excellent piece, don't forget to check our own interview with Ralph Baer from 2009. http ...
  • 17:38:54: RT @jdeloma: Jump the gun much? rt @wtnh Lots of schools already deciding to close early tomorrow in advance of Earl. http://bit.ly/75cVG4
  • 18:59:52: RT @JazzShaw: Note to video game motion controller producers: If I wanted to get off the couch I'd buy a sword and fight actual dragons. ...
  • 19:00:19: This might be the worst new pair of sneakers I've ever had. My feet are officially BLEEDING from the cut they've buried into my toe.
  • 19:03:35: So are we all gonna die tomorrow or what? #ctearl
  • 20:44:33: To hell with RPGFan's Top 20. Here's a list that doesn't suck. http://www.rpgfan.com/features/Top_20_RPGs_of_the_Last_Decade/liz.html
  • 20:44:51: (I will freely admit bias on my last tweet)
  • 20:46:45: I will say that RPGFan's list has made me realize one thing: I probably should give Ever 17 a try.
  • 21:06:50: Only NOW, Big Media's finding out about Alex Jones? Really? http://bit.ly/cVMGok
  • 21:41:15: Excellent article by Christian McLeod at @operationsports, but I have to disagree about hitting in MLB The Show. http://bit.ly/aPymb6
  • 21:54:51: Holy shit! In the span of a week, I went from ambivalent over NBA 2K11 to piss-my-pants excited. Wow!

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