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From Twitter 09-03-2010

  • 00:50:53: DHGF's first nominee for the Hall of Shame: Daikatana. Despite that, it includes my personal apology to @theromero. http://bit.ly/da2yer
  • 02:35:57: Diehard GameFAN Hall of Shame Induction: Daikatana: The first nominee for the Diehard GameFAN Hall of Shame is one... http://bit.ly/c1KsyS
  • 10:13:07: RT @JVB: DAMN IT!!!! Forgot to shave my ears. (Is this what getting old is like? I don't wanna get old - Bus)
  • 10:44:16: I guess I better head out and get this remote portion of the Ace Combat review done before Earl comes and kills us all, eh?
  • 13:51:22: I'm going NUTS on abandonware today. I beat The Oregon Trail! Played Carmen Sandiego! Played Lemmings! I'm rollin'!
  • 14:27:22: RT @PostGameReport: PGR 116 - The @SuperBus is Rated R
  • 14:33:28: RT @PostGameReport: PGR 116 - The @SuperBus is Rated R http://bit.ly/bUk3Pc
  • 14:35:57: I went VERY in-depth about PSGroove, including what has to be done, and how Sony can react. http://bit.ly/bucE71
  • 15:13:59: So it looks like @PostGameReport is listed as 'clean' on iTunes. Um... whoopsie?
  • 15:35:20: RT @PostGameReport: Here is the direct link to PGR 116 with @superbus
  • 18:02:35: RT @ErikaS981: Wow Earl, you really caused a stir for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!
  • 18:42:36: Ace Combat: JS needs more checkpoints. This "restart the mission 10 minutes in" bullshit is ridiculous.
  • 18:53:06: RT @tech_gaming: Interesting story on Microsoft's "Double Consciousness"; making fun of core gamers to lure in the casual set: http://bi ...
  • 18:54:59: Oh, joy of joys! An escort mission! You guys are making me hate you.
  • 18:55:43: Wait... an escort mission where I CANNOT FIRE!? Are you fucking serious!?
  • 20:23:02: Ys soundtracks make me want to play Ys Seven. too bad I can't play the fucker until I'm done with Ace Combat. #goddamnit
  • 22:35:13: Wow, you fuckers working on Crackdown 2 can't do *anything* right, can you?

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