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From Twitter 09-04-2010

  • 00:59:00: RT @JimSterling: Sad that there's so much press resentment at PAX. I get that it's an event "for the gamers" but what about the gamers t ...
  • 12:14:22: Great football today! ... What? College? No, silly Pooh bear! I'm talking about the English Premier League! And #sunderland beat Man City!
  • 13:09:19: I'm at Johnny's Restaurant & Diner (170 Post Road, near Shoreham Terrace, Fairfield). http://4sq.com/aeF9Hf
  • 13:14:01: I just realized that my "advanced" plyometrics workout is really nothing more than a DDR song on easy. #geek
  • 13:46:01: Oh, here we go... c'mon, PSP! I'm on a time limit, I can't be bothered with this update/sign up rigmarole! Fucking firmware bullshit.
  • 13:47:28: Dear Blumenthal: Congratulations. You just drove "adult services" to the underground where people can get hurt. Be proud, you fascist dick.
  • 14:51:12: I was critical of Visual Concepts a month ago. Now? I practically want to blow everyone developing NBA 2K11. http://bit.ly/chBYPE
  • 14:57:10: I'm at Port Coffee House (2889 Fairfield Avenue, Black Rock). http://4sq.com/dsMysN
  • 15:08:06: Writing my Joint Assault review now. My opinion: it's Ace Combat on a system that can't properly do Ace Combat with a dumb story. $20 game.
  • 15:18:25: RT @stephensonmc: NEW talkingaboutgames.com podcast with yours truly via UncleGamer Radio: http://tinyurl.com/377tfqv
  • 15:19:23: Video game fans, don't forget that I was on the @postgamereport a few days ago. Give it a listen! Though it's NWS: http://bit.ly/chBYPE
  • 16:55:38: This just in: Floyd Mayweather is too stupid to tell the difference between Filipinos and Japanese. http://es.pn/bymnWH (fixed)
  • 17:21:46: RT @gorrie: Portal 2 will not disappoint based on the demo.
  • 19:06:05: This article at @libertypapers is an absolute must-read. http://bit.ly/dmobax
  • 20:39:31: I think the next time I do a PG rated podcast (and am aware of it), I'm going to bleep out my curses with those NFL Films sound effects.
  • 20:39:55: (For those wondering about the language on PGR: I didn't know going in it was PG rated. If I did, I'd have been a lot more careful. My bad)
  • 20:42:48: This just in: Floyd Mayweather is a fucking liar. http://es.pn/cUMshY
  • 20:43:37: "I don't have a racist bone in my body. I just hate that gook motherfucker! Wait... he's not a gook?" #mayweather #pacquiao
  • 20:48:02: I will admit, though: "Pacman's taking power pellets" is pretty cute. #pacquiao #mayweather

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