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From Twitter 09-07-2010

  • 01:17:26: Oh boy. Another fucking firmware update for the PS3. Let me express my fucking *JOY*
  • 01:33:20: Aha! So it looks like mandatory update 3.42 is the "fuck you, PS Jailbreak" update. It provides no additional functionality. #applewannabes
  • 02:47:50: "Let's see... we're in debt, voters hated the stimulus, we're gonna lose the House and Senate... let's spend $50b on roads!" #obama #huh
  • 10:19:10: RT @PostGameReport: Good Morning Internet. Have you listened to Episode 116 yet? http://bit.ly/9GYDJt
  • 10:25:07: Job for today: write significant amount of Fire Emblem review so that I can concentrate on NHL '11 from tomorrow on.
  • 10:33:39: Keep talking, Microsoft. I can't wait for you to tell hardcores how much you love them after you just shit on them - twice - to the casuals.
  • 13:55:44: RT @PostGameReport: Let us know what you thought of Episode 116 in the forums - http://bit.ly/dcuTtH
  • 14:11:43: RT @mkhammer: My favorite tweet of this news: RT @samyoungman Daley not running for reelection. Rahm-shaped hole in the wall of the West ...
  • 16:02:31: Something tells me this isn't quite the "on message" that the suits at Rare had in mind. http://bit.ly/bGSUWY
  • 16:21:04: Wow! I actually forgot that I bought Gungriffon Blaze like two months ago!
  • 17:29:16: I officially have NHL '11 (PS3) in hand.
  • 17:32:15: Let me be clear: if you support Burn a Quran Day, you hate America, and are too stupid to even realize it.
  • 18:29:00: I just unlocked the "Explorer" badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/cpriPf
  • 18:29:00: I'm at Gamestop. http://4sq.com/bxEWTR
  • 18:30:26: I'm at Fortune Pavilion (656 New Haven Avenue, Route 34 - Walmart Plaza, Derby). http://4sq.com/bdnNs7
  • 19:57:03: RT @dmataconis: I wonder when @SarahPalinUSA and @NewtGingrich are going to speak out against the insensitivity of the Florida Quran bur ...
  • 20:00:26: Steal of the Day: A Boy And His Blob (Wii) for $15. At Walmart, of all places.
  • 20:21:01: It literally took me 34 minutes from the time I booted up NHL '11 to the time it let me choose to play a game. #wtf
  • 20:23:35: Oh for fucks sake, how can "Saskatoon" not be a selectable city for BAP? It's these little annoyances...
  • 20:37:16: Yay! They finally fixed a beef of mine from back in '08: They separated shoot/catch from your pro! Nice!
  • 20:51:11: Anyone with NHL '11: How are loading times on the Xbox? They're brutal on the PS3.
  • 21:15:01: First impressions of NHL '11: THE AI IS FUCKING BROKEN.
  • 21:28:41: Did you have issues with the NHL '11 demo? Well, tough shit, they didn't fix a thing.
  • 22:11:20: AGAIN with Pachter saying online play kills sales? No, Michael. How about a flooded market? http://bit.ly/cQiARK
  • 22:41:32: This is just what I want in my Be A Pro, EA Canada: Arbitrary XP goals for no reason. #sarcasm #youaredoingitwrong
  • 22:46:08: And if I see one more forward making a blind backhander on net from either the blue line or the corner - on offence - I'll scream.
  • 22:46:57: Let's just put it this way: If things continue like this, I'm going to justify why PR didn't give us this game for review.
  • 23:26:53: Three reviews for NHL '11 out. Do any of these people play hockey? Or *KNOW* hockey? This is a travesty so far.
  • 23:47:25: Review: Ace Combat: Joint Assault (Sony PSP): Ace Combat: Joint Assault Developer: Namco Bandai Games Publisher: N... http://bit.ly/dAMPc4

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